Friday, June 4, 2010


She told me that is her favorite nickname - short for princess of course.

And here she is, my very own Prinny is now SIX!!!!! Makes me so sad. She is as sweet as a summer's breeze.

Gift # 1. a movie

Gift # 2. a game. Lame, I know. But so perfect for a girl who has got to spend her birthday in the car all day. I think they watched the movie twice on the way home.

First and last stop was Vegas. We have heard great things about Mandalay Bay's Shark Reef, so decided to check it out. That's where we met up with this deadbeat. Oh, I take it back. He is the cutest reptile ever - and this is coming from someone who can't stand them. He is too cute for words, look how his huge paw is faced upward. Poor fella has nothing better to do than to look back at whoever is looking at him.

We had things swimming overhead!

Jelly fish are always so amazing, you can't just walk by.

Kids trying to pet a stingray

Doesn't he look like a pet you would like to have in the backyard, well Bella thinks so.

Me and ghostly O in the sunken ship. We stood here forever!! There is just something so magical about life under the water.

Going out the last tunnel. So trippy to walk on glass, also kind of scary. Oey wouldn't walk on it.

Princess Bella Spring

She wanted to lick this.

She got some fancy free entertainment

And her very favorite....

Which just so happens to be everyone's favorite. Thanks for sharing Bella.

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moonshinejunkyard said...

i can't believe she is six time flies, gah! she's so prim, proper, princessy and pretty with her presents! (wow alliteration) and i just love how you all share that volcano treat every year and how oey loved being in the glass aquarium. these are some amazing kids, bound to stun the world with magnificence. i love you all. happy birthday to my favorite princess, the loveliest and sweetest prinny in all the land!!!