Friday, October 22, 2010

Only the Best of the Best!

The short and sweet version, with only the best.

A haunting day in Canyons of the Ancients. We were able to visit two sites. One had been stabilized and the other left to Mother Earth.

Here is Jarom standing on the rubble of the second site, Sand Canyon Pueblo. There was quite a humbling feeling as we wondered and pondered life here. It was very beautiful and touching. These sites were out of the way and we were the only ones there. We felt so honored and privileged. I walked away feeling enlightened and blessed.

The whole gang survived the long bumpy dirt road to Chaco Culture

Now this place was just crazy amazing. It was once a huge town/community center. The pictures they have of what they believed it looked like - looks like it came from the future. It blows your mind. Not to mention that the blue sky and white fluffy clouds are the perfect backdrop.

Life here must have been full of love, work and spirit. I love how they told stories and all worked together. I feel as though they had a very simple, clear and beautiful vision of what life is all about.

Soaking it all up

Waking up at 8000 feet at Hyde Memorial State Park was FREEZING. Just a short drive down the mountain was toasty Santa Fe. Where we didn't really get to do much because it was packed not just with cars but with people. Something must have been going on. We drove around, hit up Trader Joe's and some thrift stores.

Dinner in Taos. We hit up every brewpub. Our family likes the beer and we love the food.

The most photographed church in the United States, San Francisco de Asis.

Sand, clay and water make one lovely church.

The best toy shop ever, Twirl. We could have played in here all day.

Or out here on its playground

Will someone please paint my door like this! Anyone?

Jarom - aka young Billy the Kid.

Best huggers in the southwest!

Darin is making a film about Billy the kid. He is so talented and even let me play Billy's mom for a moment. You need to check the project site, and the blog.

The best rootin tootin brothers and darn handsome too.

Hiking down the huge, deep Rio Grande GORGE. Keeping our fingers crossed that the two ladies with the beautiful accents we met in the restroom of our campground knew what they were talking about.

And right they were. Natural hot springs come to us - dirty ramblin fools.

Fort Sumner - They have got the KID and so much MORE!!

I have never been to a museum with so many old and odd collections.

Even had one amazing gift shop - no happiness like spending all your money

Billy and friends gravesite. Billy's is locked up even in that big cage. They had problems with people stealing it.

He looks like one ugly fellow but in truth he was a handsome, dancing, fun hero to many.

The roadsides were covered with these bright, lively and charming beauties. I dream about them at night.


moonshinejunkyard said...

agh. i'm dying. these ARE INDEED THE BEST. i love our hot springs photo so much! all of us together in a lovely warm heaven, that took a dusty drive and hike to get to...what could be better?! all your pictures of the ruins are gorgeous too. and i love the one of jarom chilling out cliffside above the relaxed hundreds of feet up on a ledge. crazy. and bella hugging joey, now that is truly truly the BEST. i love you guys, miss you terribly and hope you are doing something fun for your birthday ames!

mooncowboy said...

These are the best huh Heather. Sorry I never put up the pictures on Flickr--yet. I sure will though.