Monday, October 18, 2010

Sunrise, Sunset

Woke up in a ghost town!! We were up early and eager to see where we were sleeping. You can only see so much with a flashlight -- the ghostly remains of Sego, an old coal town in the Book Cliffs. This was our first full day of our ten day road trip in the southwest. We got to tag along on what was really Heather, Darin, Joey and Emily's 15-day road trip. They slept in the van most nights while we crammed into our four-man backpacking tent -- which made every night warm and cozy.

This old town had a small collection of cars

I have no idea how they got out here. Just for us in modern cars it was one long bumpy dirt road.

A town taken over by sagebrush

The sun is finally making it over the mountains

Just in time to light up the artwork, the famous rock art a little way down the canyon

Bella working hard on sketching them into her notebook (she started on the left--the target and monkey man, which I'm pretty sure is just vandalism--but made sure to do the whole panel).

We had an afternoon full of Arches

And a beautiful sunset at Delicate Arch

All the girls. Heather, Bella, Emily and Me

My family. A perfect end of a day and perfect way to start the trip.

P.S.: Don't worry, I will not be posting about every day of the trip

To get another perspective on this trip, read Heather's Moonshine Junkyard blog! Here are her first two entries about the southwest road trip:
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moonshinejunkyard said...

haha, i wish you WOULD post about every day. but of course that's just me having BEEN THERE LIVING IT WITH YOU!!!! crazy that we were just there. i was thinking, one week ago i woke up in tuscon. you guys had just headed home. i miss every detail, even the dumb hard things.

i love the way you describe the ghost town. i hadn't even thought to wonder how those old cars made it out there. were the roads better back then? or maybe the old autos had more grit and stamina? anyway love all the photos, it is fun to see different ones than mine which i am getting so used to! thanks for linking to mine too. i have like 3 more posts i plan on doing i think. i don't know. unless i feel like moving on sooner. i keep thinking of funny little things i want to write about that don't fit in to one of my planned darin playing wildly with the kids at the park or wandering around walmart looking for a car battery and the crazy thing matt saw on the back of that guy's shirt! and oey drinking out of a stranger's leftover cup at that grungy diner. anyway BEAUTIFUL JOB and i miss you all dreadfully!

oh and i got your postcard. practically cried. what a sweet idea. it arrived alongside my own to marmy. new postcards for the fridge!