Wednesday, October 13, 2010

She breaks my heart

Has spent the afternoon making snowflakes.
She is now sitting out in the cold, all alone and far from home.......waiting.....waiting ever so patiently. I can't help but walk by this window a million times to check on her. She has a little box on her lap filled with snowflakes and a sign taped to it that reads - free.

She told me she has a little purse with her (that she has tucked under her chair) that will hold 25 cents if someone wants to pay.

Sample of the goods and the girl with her pure sweet always optimistic outlook whose pureness just melts me every time.

So far she has had "one luck" as the kids say. She got to give one away to an old lady. And now it's time to call her in for a nice warm yummy dinner.


Kimberly said...

what a little entrepreneur she is! That is a good sign of what is to come!

moonshinejunkyard said...

what a crafty little doll. oh how i miss her sweetness. i wish i had her riding in the van with me all the time, writing songs and drawing pictures. what a wonderful human being. i love you guys all. string some of those pretties up for the winter snow that is inevitably coming soon for you! and i hope they fly out to homes all over the neighborhood as well. her wares deserve love and sharing!

mooncowboy said...

Luckily she's got the cuteness and sweetness down, and she actually made $2.09 last night! Although she didn't come in till after 8:00. Two girls sat out there and talked with her for at least a half hour.

whit said...

How incredibly adorable:) Miss u guys.