Thursday, March 24, 2011

Make a wish

I can remember the first time I heard him and I feel instantly in love. We were driving from southern CA through green rolling hills under a endless blue sky all the way to good ole P-ville, it was Mother's Day. I was already very pleased with the view and being compacted into Matt's little car with the whole gang and my brand new babe Orion - I was on top of the world. Dolorean's music seemed to capture my warm fuzzy dream-like feeling. I stayed with family for two weeks and Matt went back home. Matt was surprised when I picked him up at the airport and I was still listening to it - truth be told, it was all I listened to. And to this day, it has never left the CD player in my car. It doesn't matter what mood I'm in, I always want Dolorean. Just in the last year I have asked Matt to be on the lookout for Dolorean concerts. But Matt said he would probably never come here, he barely ever leaves his home in Portland. Amazingly....... he came tonight!!!!! I'm really surprised I didn't cry and swoon over him more. It was the perfect evening. We stood around a campfire and there was probably no more than 25 people tops! You better believe I was front and center, living the dream.

Taking what I can get - but he insisted on another photo

My little piece of heaven

P.S. To my manzanita sisters - his song is the first one on the CD I made you xoxo


moonshinejunkyard said...

IT HAPPENED!!! this picture is ROCKING MY WORLD! i will never forget seeing him play at a weird little german bar in oakland. hardly anyone there, addie and i front and center singing along (he thanked us afterwards) and i had never heard that song "heather please tell me how this ends" yet and he played it and i felt like he was searing through my soul. gave me a magical boost to try to get back together with darin, yes it was that lonely crazy time! which is why he still breaks my heart into a zillion pieces. you look radiant with joy. did he sing around the campfire? oh how i love him. thank you for this. i love you. xoxox

Hoodoo Voodoo said...

Oh Amy, I am so JEALOUS, but so so happy that you had such a magical night. I am so obsessed with him, and I STILL have never SEEN HIM! Love you so much! You'll remember that night forever! Now Im gonna go listen to him for the rest of the day.

Kimberly said...

That is so awesome that you got a pic of him too. What a cherry on top of the sundae. I am so happy for you! I feel the same way for my Brandon Flowers. if I got a pic with him I could die becuase my life would be complete.

mooncowboy said...

heather he played "heather" this night too, only song off that album (most of it was new stuff except for beachcomber blues). we definitely talked him up and made him feel well-loved and I also bought his harder-to-find first cd called Sudden Oak which is still excellent.