Thursday, March 3, 2011


Shocking how much snow my aunt Martha has in Midway - some piles are even taller than Bella.

Shocking that this crazy moist chocolatey dream can only be enjoyed if accompanied by ice cream. Martha did later realize we took the recipe from some heart-healthy diabetes article.

Adding a little more sugar helps... when is comes to looks

Matt, Martha, Matty and Me - shockingly, abandoned the kids for a little date. Just up the road is a hot springs that we have written about before. After crossing the snowy field we all stood and watched Matty test the waters. No way were we going to get into some lukewarm spring in this weather.

Shocking - its called a HOT spring for a reason. 110 degrees. It was actually hard to get into after being in the cold. Matt and Martha. xoxo

Matty and me. It was us four on one side and six others on the other side. It was SOOO steamy and nice. Matty had just gotten finished saying how we are going to start coming here every week when our neighbors called out, "don't be surprised if the cops come, we have seen the same car drive by four times." What? For reals? Just then we hear dogs barking and boom - the flashlight!! Shockingly, the cops were nice, but did make us leave. We had to walk back in this single file line which was shockingly hard after sitting in that hot water. We were feeling a little lightheaded and joked that it was a good thing they weren't giving us the drunk driving test as I full on (still in my wet bathing suit) toppled over and made some amazing belly-flop snow angel. Best part, my body was still so hot that I didn't feel a bit cold. The real shocker - the trespassing ticket is $$$650 per person. I thought it would be like $40. You better believe we laughed the whole way home - imagine if we would have brought the kids!! Who knew it was private property? (besides those kids who warned us a little too late). My aunt even asked me if it was private property before we left the house, and I said no. She then said that she had noticed that someone had put a fence up and around it and I told her it was probably to keep animals out. The best is when I told the cop I didn't know it was private, and explained that there was no sign or anything, and he then shined that trusty flashlight to a sign that said NO TRESPASSING. Funny thing, you can't see that in the dark. So please - DO NOT GO TO THE MIDWAY HOT SPRINGS (until further notice - or don't get caught)!!!

Before going to Martha's we went shopping. Shockingly, everyone needed some new shoes but me. We love to hit up the Vans outlet in Park City and they always have the buy-one-get-one-half-off deal so it works out pretty great, but right across from that shopping center is another one which has World Market. We never ever go shopping and I was dying to go there. I knew it would be dangerous but I couldn't resist. I had Matty drop me off there with the two youngest. It was my trick and it worked. You hear that ladies? - If you offer to take the kids, they won't turn you down. And of course I fell head over heals in love with EVERYTHING!! And this is why I don't shop. I don't NEED anything.


... my new curtains. I LOVE THEM!! It's true. I won't deny it. My shopping cart was full by the time Matty came to get me. But I was able to put every single thing back but these babies.

Don't you love them? I love everything about them. I can't help but admire them and the warm glow that comes through them, the colors and raw burlap material. My love runs deep and I talk to Matty about them so much, so that even though we just bought curtains when we moved in here, not even a year ago - shocking! - he doesn't care. He is just so happy that he was able to make me delightfully giddy. I think those curtains make me easier to live with. I can't help but be happy when I see them.


Our Family said...

Okay, so did you really all get tickets for $650?! That is outrageous! I am in shock. In Utah?! Those sound like California fines. Darn. I hate that story. I'm sorry. What a rotten deal. Love the curtains, though!

moonshinejunkyard said...

amy you guys are too cute!!! i love this adventure story, ya little lawbreakers! just kidding, i really really am glad that you were able to get away without the fine, a sad lesson to have to learn. i am super bummed. i thought for SURE i'd be going there on my next visit. can we please make it a goal to visit all the natural, non- PRIVATELY OWNED (?"?!!!) hot springs we can before it's too late. so sad.

glad you had fun with matt and martha though. they are such an adorable couple. and glad you got your amazing new curtains. i love them and i know what a difference new curtains that you love can make. i found some nice pottery barn ones (the long kind) at the thrift store. they are in the background of a lot of my room pictures, anyway i absolutely love them and they are mismatched but brand new and good quality.

love you! miss you all soo much and can't wait to see your next antics!

Harris Family said...

ugh you have to fight the ticket- it was dark!!!! I had two trespassing tickets in hawaii and they ended up assigning me a parole officer to check up with to make sure that I didn't trespass again!!! Crazy- but if there isn't a sign.....unfair :) cool pictures though I want to be in the hot springs with you!!

crazy christensen family said...

love the new curtains! Glad you didn't get fined.