Monday, March 28, 2011

Woodstock of Holi

The countdown is over - Spring is HERE. Welcome daffodils, rain, wind and sunshine. Even though it snowed the day before, nothing was going to stop my family from celebrating Spring with the Krishna Temple - Holi, Festival of Colors.

Didn't take us any time to join the party and color-up. When we first got there all clean and shiny we were like magnets to the color chalk. Just walking through the crowd you would feel someone throwing it at your back or in your hair helping you blend in. Don't worry - the kids were all about throwing at those least suspecting it.

Everyone in color

It brought the best out in these two

Can't come without indulging in their food

A nice break to sit and rest, fuel up

The music makes you want to jump around, and they speak of love and respect

The coloring just doesn't get old

My spidey - like always, got tons of attention from everyone.

Holi - celebrating spring with you is exhilarating. Our hearts are filled with joy and appreciation for SPRING!!


In a nut shell... said...

I sooooo want to do that someday! What fun to do with the kids!

Lisa said...

That's how my kids looked after playing with chalk in the backyard today.

moonshinejunkyard said...

SOMEDAY i will go do this with you guys. it looks so fun and i'm always super jealous about the food. indian food is the BEST!!!

we finally got our sunshine today. it should have been the first day of spring TODAY rather than last monday! i miss you guys, can't wait to see what activities you've got up your sleeve for springtime. love you all soooo much.