Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The start

We drove all night to Grandma's house. The kids were so excited to start their vacation with family.

Our last play session with the kids.

Saying hello and goodbye to sisters in the same hug.


and cousins. It was time to go.

Started out like any nice drive to San Fransisco. I was about in tears stuck in this traffic. Worried we were going to miss our flight, after yet another wrong turn and into more traffic. I swear we circled that airport and could find no entrances.

But at last - free flying. Phew.

I have started it!!! No turning back now. I will start and finish blogging this trip if it's the last thing I do. Be forewarned - many more blogs a-comin.
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 -- more NZ 2010 --
Pre-trip preparation
Day 1: Auckland
Day 2: Orewa to Paihia
Day 3: Paihia to Kaitaia
Day 4: Ninety Mile Beach to Rawene
Day 5: Rawene to Hamilton
Day 6: Hamilton to National Park
Day 7: Tongariro Alpine Crossing
Day 8: Taupo to Rotorua
Day 9: Rotorua
Day 10: Thames to Hahei
Day 11: Coromandel


In a nut shell... said...

Where are you going?

whit said...

Visiting family is the best:)

moonshinejunkyard said...

YEAHHH!!! can't wait to see where this is headed, wooooo hooooo!!!! i know there are so many more nz pics i never saw. i bet you miss it now huh? here's to blogging mania beginning, it will be a great tribute and reminiscence!