Monday, September 15, 2008

Bella and the Beast

Bella and I were able to go have breakfast with Belle and then watch Beauty and the Beast all at our very own musical theatre here in Provo. We enjoyed it soooooooo much that I'm going to give it a plug. Go now, one and all. Look up your nearest theatre and go enjoy a great show. I always fall in love with the whole cast and never want it to end. SO don't go to the movies this weekend, see a play! I mean it!!!! You will be so glad you did. And it feels so great to support local companies. You will never want to go to the movies again unless it's the dollar movies.

We got to sit at table #1 with a grandma and her granddaughter. Those chairs behind us stayed empty. Doesn't that just make your heart melt. That this whole crew of people work long days and nights perfecting their art, to give us the best show ever and hardly anyone was there. It really just broke my heart.

This was a real life little family in the play. I loved whenever this little guy was on stage.

This is Lumiere, Bella's favorite! He did awesome with the whole french accent. When Bella first heard him talk she was so happy to tell me that he was speaking Spanish. I think he also reminded her of her very own actor, uncle Mikie. They do both know how to steal a show.

The newly transformed prince, the beast and Bella. There is actually a really cute story here. Belle and the prince are really getting married. I learned this by reading everyone's bios, very entertaining. But another interesting fact. This prince also played Gaston. It was so great watching him trying to win over his real sweetheart and for her to deny him. Real good acting going on here. He wears an awesome mullet wig for Gaston, and then when he dies in the end all he has to do is whip it off and changes some clothes and there you got it- the prince. And then they finally get to kiss. It was grand!

Bella and the wardrobe.

Twins. And would you believe she was the only girl there in a belle dress. I couldn't believe it. I really can't say enough good things about our special date. And I can't wait to go see another play. We have plans to take the whole family to A Christmas Carol this winter!!! I loved every moment I had with my own little bell. She even sat on my lap for about half the play, and she loved to whisper to me all the time. She is just the cutest little sweetheart. I feel so blessed to have her and all her little girlie ways. I let her wear sparkles and clear lip gloss, this made her feel like a princess. I love her sweet innocence. It was really fun seeing this with her and being able to feel what she felt. I could tell when she just loved everything she saw or when she was worried about something or when she didn't want to see the part when gaston goes after the beast. She has such a priceless ,tender little heart.


Carrie and Brandon Petersen said...

So cute. I love the pictures and the cast looks really cute :) Brandon and I love to go to plays. We should all go to one sometime.

Glory Watts said...

What a perfect night out with your little princess. I bet it was so magical for Bella, Eliza would be jealous! Too bad not many people were there, maybe they had more people on the other nights ??? (let's hope) love ya!

heather said...

oh my gosh, cutest thing in the world and this play is breaking my heart. so it was a daytime performance, with the breakfast and all? it looks so fun and i think it is just adorable that you sat with a grandma and her granddaughter and that bella plopped right on your lap and whispered to you the whole time. what a great thing it is to be a girl/woman on this earth! and to celebrated princessness in many ways, including wearing fancy dresses and being concerned at violence and loving beauty, pure and simple. amy you are such a good blend of girly-cute and strong-capable that bella has such a perfect role model! i want to go to a play with you guys! maybe at thanksgiving?

Heidi Daniels said...

Aww fun! Going on individual little "dates" is always a good thing too. I don't think we even have a theater here where I am at, sad! Bella is sooo cute in her little outfit!

Momma said...

What darling pictures and what a fun thing to do with your precious daughter, I'm so happy you two had this opportunity and that you support local theater. I love and miss you all, Nana

Life on Pelican Street said...

Bella is the perfect Belle