Thursday, September 11, 2008

Our state fair is not the best state fair, don't miss it and don't forget to bring a million dollars

This is how we did it this year - straight to the food. Sorry kids the ride can wait and that ice cream is mine!

Told ya

Matt had to get funnel cake and the sweet thing put whipped cream on half of it for me. Don't worry we didn't only eat junk we also got a big bag of kettle corn to munch on so we wouldn't buy anything else. But in the end our noses took us to the freshly roasted cinnamon and sugar nuts, our favorite.

This is Oey's first and last ride without a parent. The poor guy looked so uncomfortable and just kept sinking lower throughout the ride, but Bella had a blast.

Trying to do the gypsy pose

Matt with the kids, this was taken with my camera

And this one was taken with Matt's new camera, you can tell its better, sorry I didn't zoom in but Matt is not a fan of that anymore so I go by his rules when using his camera.

Oey so delighted to hop in a car. he jumped right out of his stroller for this one.

Jarom and his new hat for this coming year of snowboarding, while taking this picture Oey ran off and found one of the security cars to pretend to cruise in.

That's the end folks


smithfamily85 said...

You guys are the coolest parents and what a cute family! Now I want some funnel cake though, thanks. I can't wait to do fun stuff like that with my little familly. Ivy just hasn't learned to appreciate things yet. Hope to see you soon!

heather said...

so zooming doesn't really matter cause you can zoom in on your computer and look at really important stuff like the sale price of that ---whatever----that oey jumped on. 6879 dollars, whoo hoo!!! i can afford it! jk. anyway i think your state fair is adorable and i am sad to admit i have never even gone to the california one since i clogged in it at age 11. but the ice cream, funnel cake and sugared nuts seem like they make it worth it. bella is so cute doing her gypsy pose with a little bit of tongue sticking out in concentration. truly you are the cutest family and i love love love looking at pictures of you guys and i could keep looking and reading all night long!

Momma said...

I love it that you took the kids to the fair. I remember doing that especially down at the Del Mar Fair in So. Cal. I know what you mean about bring a million dollars, but so worth the joy on the faces of the little ones. thank you for being just the greatest parents ever to those small precious grandbabies of mine. Love you all so much, Nana

crazy christensen family said...

I have only been to the del mar fair in cali and we try to go on pepsi band days where you pay like 15$ and ride as many rides as you can. Still, pretty expensive. Your family is so cute and you do so much together. It's so great!!

Heidi Daniels said...

I think it's fun to watch kids at places that have little rides and what not! We took Leena to the amusement/water park up here last week and oh my gosh! She had a blast! It's even better when they pass the height requirement.

Life on Pelican Street said...

no joke about spending a million dollars at a state fact you have to take out a loan just to go to any fair! Plus those rides they throw togther in like 1 hour scare me!