Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thanksgiving Point

Thanksgiving Point is the kids' new favorite place to go. We went on a 2 dollar Tuesday last month just to see what everyone had been raving about. We really didn't know what the big deal was. But it was a great deal to get into the Dino museum for only 2 bucks. After we saw the coolness for ourselves and how much the kids enjoyed it we had to get the membership, so we get to go all the time and don't have to wait for next year's 2 dollar Tuesday.

Sorry, these pictures are really random and out of order, just different photos from our visits.

Oey hanging out in the museum, they have a lot of hands on things for the kids, which you really couldn't ask for anything more with a bunch of wild ones.

Bella on a pony ride at farm days or something, this is also part of our pass.

Jarom really wanted to get on the horse by himself but couldn't, hope it didn't hurt his pride. It was sure fun for me to watch though.

This is Jarom's most beloved spot. They LOVE the maze in the kids garden.


I just wanted to get a picture of the three of them with the pretty flowers.

Staring at the donkey.

Oey and his famous cheese

Digging for bones

That little guy was my favorite. I waited in this spot for a long time just hoping he would gallop over but he never did, just the big mamas did, which I thought were the babies till I saw the real babies. Little animals are so dang cute.

Oey on his first pony ride. We were both very excited about this. I don't think I have mentioned Oey's love for horses. Even today at the library all on his own he found a big book on ponies. As he walks it over to me he does the most perfect horse bray I have ever heard a tot or child do. I myself just say nay. Anyways, he was so happy on this little guy and he cried when I took him off. Bless his little heart.


Adie B said...

o o o oey. And also, I love to think about what the heck THOSE TWO are thinking about whilst they run through that maze! I bet they have some fantastic stories about what that maze is all about. I love you all! I can't wait to see you next week!

heather said...

oh my gosh, oey's love of horses is absolutely killing me! i can't wait to hear him do his nay. and amy your descriptions of things just make me laugh wildly right out loud. this is the cutest blog in the world. i am still a little confused about what "exactly" thanksgiving point IS, but that's okay because i can tell the kids love it and i am looking at their faces just tripping out and going, thank you amy and matt for making some greatness happen on this earth. some real greatness. anyway, i think oey will finally give us all the impetus to really get some horses! darin has some great new cowboy boots that came from stan's dad. i think i see a true life western future ahead of us all. and we can build a maze for visitors and kids. oh boy!

Momma said...

Thanksgiving Point is beautiful, no wonder people come from all over to go there! I'm glad you finally checked it out and got passes. Now you can go whenever you want, maybe when I come we can all go together with Emily and Joey and Addie, I love the horses and how much Oey loves them too! What beautiful gardens also. Love you all, Nana