Thursday, September 11, 2008


Matt took the boys on a bike ride and to the farmers market while Bella and I went to the women's expo with some new friends from the PTA (which also got us into the women's expo for free). Matt would like me to mention that the cotton candy was only a dollar. What a steal.

Provo's little farmers market has doubled in size since we moved here. We have made some really good friends here we enjoy seeing every Saturday.

Oey in the park

When we were all back together we drove over to Spanish Fork's kite festival, it was all about being green.

Oey watching the kites

Jarom standing by his favorite kite in the garden of kites, making a very shocked face that there is a dragon above him- for the camera.

Bella and her favorite kite a blue butterfly

We even ran into this little mama carrying all her little babies on her back

Standing in the wind on a perfect day

We stayed till it closed down and we played in the water with our friends Collin and Torin, their daddy helped put this festival on and zoomed around in a little golf cart helping people get up and down a big hill. It was really beautiful up there and we can't wait to go back and do some of their hiking trails this fall while the leaves are in full color.


Adie B said...

jarom's look under that dragon kite is priceless......and oey's white hair? WHAT THE HECK?
You're all so adorable, every last one of ya.

heather said...

oh man, this is the cutest festival. amy i love you in your boots, dude i have a hip and adorable sister in law! (oops i hate the word in-law, ugh!) anyway you and the three kiddos trailing behind is super cute. i love that you say it was a perfect day. we need to hear more about the "woman's expo" that you and bella attended. congrats to the provo farmer's market for growth and friendly faces! yeah! i can't believe i am going to miss it this year. i need some crafty utah stuff!

heather said...

and, um, wow. are those "darandulas," because if so, i am sure bella was very, very excited. and just looking at the picture is making me a little nervous.

Kimberly said...

When are you coming back to Cali. I need to jump ont he Beatty Train. You guys really go everywhere!

Momma said...

Fun Beatty Family Adventures! I wondered what you were up to lat weekend...You always are doing something fun and exciting. No hanging around the house for you guys! I love it that you just go and have fun. Wonderful memories for the kids. Love you all so much and can't wait to see you, Nana

Maria said...

You guys are always out having fun!

crazy christensen family said...

I love the farmers market. Have you bought the red potatoes? Delicious!!! And the Tamales closest to the tie dye booth are the best!! I'm going saturday-wanna come? Kaleb is always begging me for cotton candy- maybe next time.

Glory Watts said...

That cotton candy looks dee-lish! How fun for the boys to hang out. Did you get anything fun from the womens expo?

The kite festival looked awesome! We have a really cool one in Austin where there are hundreds of kites being flown in this huge park, not sure we'll make it this year since it's 3 hours away instead of 20 minutes!

love you guys!