Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bella's dream, night of 2008-09-02

Bella volunteered her dream the other morning as she was eating breakfast. Here it is:

--- ---
Momma, I had a dream that Maya and Skye were eating crackers, with marshmallows and banana topping, and with marshmallows, and marshmallow topping. And I couldn't catch a banana topping, and I just catched a marshmallow topping and I put it in my pocket. And there was a dinosaur in it.
--- ---

Then she gave her trademark squinty-eyed grin and that was that. [Maya and Skye are her cousins. We just visited them over Labor Day in Baker City Oregon.]


Maria said...

Your kids are darling!

heather said...

that is the cutest little-girl dream ever and i hope that now i dream something similar tonight. i want to kiss those sleepy cheeks!

Josh said...

Wow, that dream is great!

Life on Pelican Street said...

I love me some marshmellow!! I need to have fluffy light hearted dreams like that...mine are always scary with dogs chasing me!

Suzana said...

that is hilarious. i laughed out loud.