Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mirror, Mirror on the wall

Funny story. I got all dolled up on Sunday, eyeliner and all. My loving husband noticed and told me how beautiful he thought I looked. Bella was sitting right next to us. So Matt asked her, "Don't you think mom looks beautiful?" Bella answers "no". Matt and I were a little taken aback. Don't all little girls think their moms are the most beautiful? And usually when I get all done up Bella notices more than anyone. One day last week she was upset and wanted to know why I made my hair more pretty than hers. But anyways, we asked her why not? And she said because I was not wearing anything really pretty, and that she was really pretty. She said this while she was sitting there in her underwear. I pointed this out to her and said she wasn't wearing anything very pretty either. She disagreed and said her princess underwear were very beautiful. Matt then comes up with a great idea. "Why can't you both be the same pretty?" And Bella protests with a long "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Anyways this goes on for a while. I tell her she can be cute and I'll be pretty and she says she will be pretty and I can be cute. In the end, it was just a very scary eye opener for Matt and I. We need to think of more creative ways to tell our daughter how cute we think she is without getting her head any bigger. Can't really blame us though. She is our only daughter stuck between two boys.

the bell of the ball

She wanted me to make her this fairy headband today

She saw the above picture and was upset that I didn't get her flowers in it, she made sure this time they made it into the picture.

This was also taken today. My little prince starts nursery this week. It's so heartbreaking. I don't feel like he is old enough. And then I feel bad that I didn't feel this way with the others ones and just pushed them right out the door. When Oey see the camera now he does what he is doing in this picture. Leans forward, bends his little knees and says cheese with the greatest smile.


Life on Pelican Street said...

Bella is hilarious!...I loved that little story. That girl does not have any self esteem issues!...can you blame her?...She is beautiful

Heidi Daniels said...

We had a similar issue arise. I wouldn't reccomend always telling them how pretty, or cute, or beautiful they are. Usually because if it's told too much, it does go to their head. What we did with Leena, when the same thing arose... We simply started praising her on her personality traits. IE: "you're so smart to figure that out! wow!" things like that, that still build them up, just not on looks alone. But she is right Amy, she IS cute!

moonshinejunkyard said...

that pile-o-dress-up-clothes in the top picture looks like a dream come true. with so many beeeaauutiful dresses abounding on this earth, who could blame her for wanting to look gorgeous! just kidding, but i am sure every little girl goes through this. it is probably good not to promote it though, like you already said. having a girl means so many diverse things, not the least of which is our country's obsession with physical beauty and perfection. but bella has grit and brains and creativity and joy that will take her through life with happiness that goes way beyond all that surface stuff, i know it. you guys are just the cutest family. oey is such a doll with that big ole grin. I CANNOT WAIT TO KISS THOSE ADORABLE FACES!!!!

Adie B said...

Honestly, as long as you teach her complete compassion towards friends AND strangers, you could also tell her that she (constantly) is the most prettiest little girl you ever saw. That is what you think right? It's the truth! I think that she won't get a big head if she learns the value of kindness towards all people and how we all are beautiful in very unique ways! Maybe pointing out how pretty ALL kinds of kids are! She's just pretty in your favorite way- cause your her parents.

Art says me saying that is belittling or bossy or presumptuous, but I am just giving my opinion. Hope that's OK. I just remember Dad always hesitating to say I was pretty cause he thought I'd get a big head. Well I'll tell you, I DEFINITELY DIDN'T EVEN COME CLOSE.

Adie B said...

Also- I THINK- that Bella is the prettiest girl I ever ever saw!

Adie B said...

oh oeeyyyyy! i love you! He is RULING the kingdom.

smithfamily85 said...

I can't believe you found us. Just kidding, thanks for the comment, 3rd one ever. So Bella IS beautiful, good luck with that, and I miss that Oey soo much. We will definitely be seeing you next week, can't wait!

Nielson Family said...


I've been meaning to respond to you! Thanks for the comments on our blog and for your concern. You're blog is looking as cute as ever and Bella is quite a princess!

I am hoping to have ours completely up to date by today or tomorrow. So stay tuned for info about our move, new place in Michigan, etc. Hope you are doing well and please say hello to everyone in the ward for us! (PS our phone number hasn't changed)