Thursday, October 16, 2008

Aunt Martha's in Midway

Cousins day is our new favorite day. My cousin Heather started it a few months ago. The kids and I just enjoy it so much. It's not often that we get together with family. So it's pretty priceless for us. The above picture is my Aunt Martha and cousin Heather making mummy pizzas.

Martha went all out and made Frankenstein jello with cookies, spider crackers with peanut butter and pretzel legs and raisin eyes. She even made cute little witches from pear halves.

O and Olivia munching down on all the goodies.

Hallie, Bella and Lily

Heather made tons of sugar cookies for everyone to frost and decorate.

Aunt Whitney leading the kids in a fun dance.

We went to the park for some fresh air and enjoyed the beautiful fall colors.

Even played with the parachute. Kids love these things.

And we all fall down.

Martha, thank you for hosting cousins day at your beautiful home. We all had the greatest time. And you even sent us all home with the cutest little Halloween gifts. You have gone over and above and we loved every moment of it. I feel so spoiled. I love you so much. Wish we could have cousins day everyday.


Heather said...

GREAT DAY!!!!!! Martha was a perfect Host and I hope can visit again.

Cousin Day really is a special day - Glad you are on board!

Life on Pelican Street said...

How fun for you and the kids! I havent seen my cousins in almost five years! I especially love the pic of aunt Whitney leading the kids in a dance! Maybe it has something to do with her oh so awesome name!

Life on Pelican Street said...

sorry forgot one thing......
this is in response to some of your comments on our blog...sorry we havent posted pics of the house yet, believe it or not our furniture STILL has not arrived. we have been living with a lot of our patio furniture in the house as we wait. its a real modge podge right now and i havent decorated yet because i dont know where any of the furniture is going..ya know? So i promise as soon as we get the furniture and everything is up i will def post pics for ya! Thanks for the interest.

Glory Watts said...

I miss Martha she is always so much fun! Thanks for posting this, I loved seeing pictures of family that I haven't seen in ages! What a great fall day to get together for a cousins day! Wish I could be there to join in on the fun!

That's funny, we made those mummy pizza's the other day for dinner.