Friday, October 17, 2008

India Fest

After Jarom and I returned from geode hunting and Amy and Bella were done with the princess show, we all met up to go to the India Festival at the Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork.

There are always llamas there at the temple. You can see how excited this makes Oey.

Jarom got in on the fun too

but the llamas weren't particularly into us

The kids all broke into a trot around the second story of the temple. Here's Oey mid-run, with some excellent hand positions.

it really was pretty there at sunset

my pretty baby during sunset

it slowly became a nice full moon

Bella got to pose with some Indian princesses

Jarom actually got inside the birdcage (sans birds thank goodness)

This is the effigy that was soon to be burn.

They set off a firework directly at the effigy, which then bursts into flames and sets off another string of fireworks that went off high above us.

starting to burn

captivated, watching the festivities

Everyone watching. Kids are always into big burning things it seems.

some really cool flaming ashes were swirling about

a view of the temple from our vantage point

rock-sitting, finishing up our delicious meal of authentic Indian food (and juice)

and then the fires went out next to the koi pond

posing with those in costume; Oey's either in awe or confused

Bella in her awesome new skirt

dada lovin

Then a Krishna-themed rock band started up. They were awesome. Their songs were rock- and even kind of ska-influenced. They had everyone dancing. The lead singer was white but sang in a very Indian-style voice. He looked just like Martin! I couldn't get Martin out of my head. Must be the white long-sleeved thermal. A clip of the band is further down.

The banner above the singer's head shows the Hare Krishna mantra. Every one of their songs was basically only that in lyric, but changed melodically every time so it was new and awesome. It's a chant that is Hindu in context but universal in concept. The chant is supposed to bring about higher consciousness, bring you closer to God. It's pretty interesting (read the wikipedia link!).

a bunch of folks dancing it up

our view of the temple as we walked away

the band rocking out

the kids enjoying it (okay except maybe Bella--she was tired?)


Jaime said...

Way fun! And Everyone loves to watch something burn.... :)

Sarah said...

I always wondered if they did anything at that temple. I didn't know it was open to other people as well--pretty cool.

moonshinejunkyard said...

agghhhhwww! yaaaayyyyy!!!!i have been waiting for this blog! i haven't even finished reading it and absorbing it yet but i just wanted to say thank you for finally posting about this. amy you look so gorgeous in that photo in front of the sunset. i have decided, that's it, oey needs some COWBOY boots. okay i'm going back to finish looking. i can't tell you how my heart soars when you guys post a new blog because they are always so full of wonder and joy...i am studying emerson right now and he talks about "a wild delight runs through the man" who retains the spirit of childhood...he is especially talking about in nature, but at an indian temple i think that happnes too. anytime you come into contact with the wondrous and the true spiritual nature of the universe. you guys do that in so many different ways and i really appreciate it.

moonshinejunkyard said...

jarom's final movement in the bottom video is priceless. at first i thought bella might be meditating - ha! i love oey bopping about with a huge smile on his face. why is there nothing on earth as cute as little kids dancing? this whole experience looked so so fun and fascinating. matt i am really glad you posted the info about the hare krishna chant, i never knew exactly what that means and i love the stuff about it accessing a spiritual plane that transcends mental, intellectual and sensual and thus being available to everyone. anyway i have to hear more about the burning effigy and what that symbolized.

The Reyes said...

Geez! You guys always have so much fun!!I'm jealous :)

Momma said...

Wow, kind of an Burning Man India Fest. Again you guys amaze me at the amazing places you go and things you all see and do. Wonderful!! Loved the dancing video, so cute! Love, Nana

Glory Watts said...

Totally awesome! Did you guys like the Indian food? What did you eat? I love Bella's new little skirt. love ya!

Maria said...

Looks like a fun filled fest! I have never heard of it.