Thursday, October 9, 2008


Jarom and Bella were way too excited. We had been promising them this all week and even tried to go Wednesday night. Jarom was so excited and ran over to take it all in and slipped in mud. It covered everything. So we had to take off his clothes and get back in the car. Much to Jarom's disappointment. Bella on the other hand was so glad that she was going to come back and try again. So yesterday Jarom was very careful and watched where he was walking.

Milly, Oey, Bella and Jarom in order.

These pictures make me laugh. Its so funny that a big chair can make us look so small.

My tiny guy.

Bella covering Oey in corn.

Choo choo, all aboard.


In her carriage

Cool pumpkin tower.

Speed racer Bella, or shall we call her Peach!

Cheering for the boys!

On your mark, set, go!

Me and Carebear lost in our David Archuleta maze. It was actually a very cold and windy night, so it felt nice in the corn, it blocked all the wind.

Jarom got very worried about us being lost. One time he screamed out and cried because we didn't go out the emergency exit. Which I don't know if I was in a real emergency could use and find. We were lucky we even stumbled upon it. It was pretty dark, there were no lights in the maze. But it made it really fun.

Running around, staying warm!

To our great surprise, we MADE IT!! It was such a sweet victory.

So sad, Matty lost his legs in the corn.

Bounce! This thing was awesome. It was a huge jumping pillow.

We all had such a great time and are planning on going back to do everything else we didn't get a chance to do. Hopefully it will be a warmer day. We had to hurry home. Matt had a surprise waiting for him.


Momma said...

Oh my goodness that looks like such a fun place. Is it near by? The maze experience sounds amazing!! Ha Ha! As usual you guys have come up with an incredibly awesome fun time for all. Happy Birthday Mattie!! Love you all, Nana

heather said...

how did you make mattie leave in order to get home for the surprise? i am very interested in the logistics of surprise parties. anyway this place looks so fun. i really want to try that bouncy thing...i bet the kids were going crazy for it! i can just imagine jarom getting nervous in the maze, he reminds me of mom (nana) with a tiny bit of a worried yet trying to be happy look on his face, addie too. what a great fall windy experience!

Glory Watts said...

Burrr, it looks freezing in that wind but very fun. I love pumpkin patches and corn mazes. How fun you got to go with Carrie and ya!

Life on Pelican Street said...

Is the sky behind the pumpkin tower for real!!?!! It looks amazing and fake!

Adie B said...

These blogs are so great. I love it. I love Oey's face peeking through the sign at the beginning. And Bella's bangs are so cute! And I love the maze pics. Were you all lost together?