Saturday, October 4, 2008

A weekend with Grandma xoxo

Friday afternoon we went up to salt lake because my mom is in town and is staying at her mom's house. I made Bella a new tutu and she packed it up in her lunch box because she really wanted to dance for her grandma. Grandma played a tune on the piano, Bella said she couldn't dance without music. Jarom helped a little, or more so just needed some attention too. And at some points Oey and Bella's Great Nana busted out some great moves. I had a great seat.

Bella and Oey dancing

Mom and I at Conference this morning! We had the most wonderful time running in the rain and busting through crowds of people just feeling so lucky we had tickets. I loved every moment of it. Things I learned that made my world go round: New temple for Rome, Italy, Laugh more and just about everything and anything, To live a more pure and simple life, Besides being a Mother, Wife, daughter or friend is to be a missionary, To never let HOPE die - it is the beam of sunlight in our lives, The sweet voices of the children's choir, Being with my mom, Bells don't ring and the birds don't sing-"Come what may and love it"- Wirthlin's mother's motto, To have more compassion for others, DO your best and the Lord will do the rest, To believe in Angels, To listen to the Prophet, To want to create Zion- one heart, one mind!, To be a giver, Families are Forever, To say more meaningful prayers, To always see and be mindful of all my many blessings, To love and to serve everyone. The list could go on and on. Conference is for everyone. SO uplifting and fills our souls. And I really enjoyed the group who tried to ruin it, they just made it all that much more fun.

This sad picture does not do the temple justice, it's just the one I took from inside the conference building. It was a rainy, cozy, wet full of love day.

A video of my little Bell. Don't worry about the dead woman in the corner. She is my mom's friend, the whole reason my mom even got to come out. And I used her tickets to get into conference, lucky me. I got to go to the morning and afternoon session. But anyways, the dead woman is actually quite amazing and has been very busy going to and fro telling her story about being in a concentration camp. She has the tattoo and everything.


heather said...

what a sweet blog...bella's new tutu is amazing amy! the picture of you and your mom is so adorable and it perfectly illustrates my favorite of your lessons: laugh much and about everything...that is my goal!

smithfamily85 said...

hey, what conference were you watching? I wish I got all that out of it, maybe I should have watched it. Just kidding, I wish I could have been there, I've always wanted to go. I want to make a tutu for Ivy, and I love Bella's, so I'd love it if you could teach me, please.

Life on Pelican Street said...

What a great opportunity to have gone to two sessions of conference! I have been to one in my life and it was AMAZING! COnfernce was so great and what blessing it is to hear from such inspired and dedicated men.

Maria said...

Isn't conference weekend the best! glad you got to go!!

Glory Watts said...

Ahh, conference weekend, definitley one of my most beloved weekends of the year. Lucky you, being in the conference center makes all the difference. No distractions and so spiritual being in the presence of the prophet and his apostles. Even better, you got to go with MOM!! The most excited person about conference I know. Paul and I used to go all the time when we lived in Utah since Paul's grandpa always had plenty of tickets to go around. I loved all of your highlights! Love you!