Monday, October 6, 2008

Sunday Dreams

Oey started nursery! Look how studly he is in his new outfit from aunt Addie!

Bashful, his mommy wouldn't stop following him around with the camera.

Nana, as you can see we have been working very hard on your birthday present.

It's just not working.

I think we might have to try one more time. Hopefully your gift will be in the mail soon, so you can hang it up in your new home!

We changed out of our Sunday best and did a beautiful drive around Nebo loop. This was our first stop. The greatest fall walk to a little grotto.

We all stop to watch Oey try to pick up a very big rock for his little self, and he did it! oey could only walk about one step before he had to let it go.

Surprise! A little waterfall.

Our lovely path. Everything was just so beautiful and inviting. You can't help but feel so blessed and overwhelmed walking in such a beautiful place with your very own family, just heaven!

Me and the O-ster!

The trail had so many of these little log bridges, perfect for the enjoyment of little kids and big ones.

We made it to the grotto!

The family!

Oey getting his feet wet, looking for the perfect rock to throw!

hanging out

This is one of my favorite pictures from the drive.

Just gorgeous!

this is an HDR image matt created (a blend of different exposures to bring out the different contrasts)

This one is for you, Joe- Sir. Are you ready?!

check out this sweet panorama. really check it out if you know what i mean

Baby Bryce Canyon.

Good bye!


Glory Watts said...

Fall in Utah is amazing! All the tree's brilliant colored leaves are breathtaking. So beautiful. Enjoy it while you can cause winter is around the corner for you guys.

I love Oey's suit. What a little man! The very large banana in his hand adds a nice touch. love you!!

Sarah said...

What a pretty walk! I'm so enjoying Fall right now, and those pictures make me love it even more.
Your fam is so cute!

heather said...

oey in that little suit is just, once again, killing me. the look on his face, so sheepish and shy and yet feeling a tiny bit proud of being so big and handsome. did you hem the pants amy? it fits him so perfectly in the second picture. i love each family picture, too, who cares if they're not perfect, when each person has such personality?!! the drive you guys took is so gorgeous. i wish so much i was coming at halloween and we could duplicate this drive and walk. it is so beautiful there. i bet if i drove to the mountains i'd find this here, but everything is still so end-of-summer brown and dead. we did have our one rain so far, though, so today i was laying out in my yard and feeling good about it again, and ready for bonfires and leaves and pumpkins and apples and pie and firewood and smoke. i love fall and i am jealous you guys already have cold weather!