Friday, March 27, 2009

brown hills calling our names

It's true, they were. So here we go!

smirks for you all

my first time going this season, you got to ease into it

At the tippy top


more yummy

don't laugh. and by the the way this photo was kind of pointless because to get this picture I had to pass the trail, so I didn't even get to go my way.

flying down in the air

going back home


heather said...

you guys are too cute! one of the last trips of the season i am guessing? i love that you brought a delicious healthy lunch up there. i bet it tasted so good cause when you are busy doing something active food is so perfect. looks fun and a little scary. i'm glad you two got to go together!

The Hockmans said...

Cool Beans you two. Wish I could go!

crazy christensen family said...

Amy you are awesome! I love reading your blog. You inspire me to do more everyday with my kids and my husband. I love that you stay on top of your blog and write so much down. I love your family. Hopefully we can make some memories together this summer in California-gold panning anyone?

Martha said...

You get abouts. Looks like fun and no broken bones! Love ya cutie

Kimberly said...

Amy you look so young. You just have this youthful glow about you. I can't wait to get on the slopes again. I feel like they are calling my name, but have to wait until next year. You looked like you had alot of fun.

Momma said...

Did you two get away without the kiddies? Who babysat? Looks like you had great fun. I love the Amy's sign! You are both awesome as usual! Love you.