Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sundance season

Lately we've had some good snow (before our recent wonderful early spring warm spell) and I've been able to get some good time in at Sundance. Finally I've come to love our little local resort, especially the backside of the mountain. I was able to take Jarom a couple times too, fulfilling his wish of actually going on the lift! (rather than just the tow rope). I think he and I will ride the lift exclusively from now on, because he's getting better and it's probably the best way for him to learn.

[These first pictures are from Valentine's Day.]

Could you imagine having a cabin and *living* up here?

the token "me" shot, on the eastern ridge of the backside, middle of a literal blizzard

the boundary is right alongside that ridge, on the way to Far East--the best and less-traveled part of Sundance

Bare aspen forest in the snow! You can ride right through this.

I thought this was a pretty little scene, the snow dimple of an aspen trunk

a smattering of blue poked through above the low-flying clouds

[from Presidents Day]

Jarom and I went together on Presidents Day, which must have been their busiest day all season. The place was packed, so we waited in line for Ray's Lift for about 20 minutes.

Then Amy showed up with Bella and Orion to send us off! She made it over to us while we were just about to get on the lift. We were both *very* glad to see her, and Jarom couldn't have been more excited!

The little spectators (wet from mishaps in the parking lot) watched from afar . . .

but they were justly rewarded! Sadly, those two got so soaked that Amy had to leave before we made it back down the mountain (which takes a good long time during Jarom's "training"), so we had to put off lunch till we all made it back home.

the stance, the balance, the little pro

He is getting the hang of it.

But he needed to rest sometimes. He's still pretty cautious when picking up speed.

[below are from February 21st, a very beautiful day there]

This is the view from the summit at Sundance, about 8250 feet. Look how perfect our Wasatch are. You can see completely frozen Deer Creek Reservoir right in the middle, up Provo Canyon.

the world-famous Bishop's Bowl

here is a fencepost on Valentine's Day, up on the howling windswept blizzardy summit

Here's the same fencepost on the 21st. Crystal clear out. Cascade Mountain right there.

cool tree coming down the boundary line by Bishop's Bowl

This is part of the amazing Far East, a steep thick-snowed wall virtually untouched. I made miniature avalanches with each curve.

alright, alright, another selfportrait to prove I was right there

Riding Flathead lift. I had just come down the run you can see right there, shadowed by the trees. It was ungroomed, untracked, chunky and choppy, and was quite the leg burner. It seemed a lot longer and steeper than the picture makes it out to be . . .

And I took this because Jarom has a thing for "ruins" of any shape and sort and size. I had told him I'd seen this, so he was really interested and wanted to go there to "check it out."

Thanks for slogging through all the many snowboard and Sundance photos with me.


heather said...

was there anything cool inside the ruins? jarom is a typical beatty boy, exploring ruins whether anasazi or miners' shacks or ghost towns. this snowboarding business looks so fun. i have never done any winter sport like that and it kinda boggles my mind. does jarom stay in a safer area when you ride down the super steep ones? he is so brave and his form looks really good to me! how cute that amy and the littl'uns came to see you guys heading out. it is so so beautiful there, loved the blizzard fencepost pic from valentine's day! i miss you adventurers!

Amy Beatty said...

I love looking at all your pictures! Can't wait for you to take me for my special lunch on top of the mountain, and then snowboard down with you, my love. It is so beautiful up there.

Life on Pelican Street said...

Sooo beautiful! I am big time impressed with Jarom! That kids gonna be a pro by the time he hits puberty.