Monday, March 23, 2009

Little O-ster turned TWO!!!

Orion turned two on Friday the 13th!! The night before Matt and I stayed up to decorate the house in red in black. Orion is in total and complete love with Spider-Man. I had two leftover red balloons so Matt drew on some Spidey faces. Orion about died with joy. It was the cutest thing. I love how kids REALLY love the simple cheap things. That spider-man balloon went with us everywhere that morning. To working in Jarom's class and out and about to town. It really slowed us down. He had a hard time holding the big balloon with the other things he already totes around. A spider-man with a missing leg, and a sword.

Oey waiting by the food for his friends to arrive. And sneaking in some strawberries.

It was a slow start to getting the presents open. You can see he doesn't want to put old Spider-Man down or the balloon. No problem, kids love to help open presents.

He also needed a lot of help to blow those candles out.

The girls digging in, while O just compares the new and old Spider-Man.

You can see some of the decor that Jarom and Bella made. Some Hulks and a spider-man. Oey got that placemat and sword from Papa. He loves them. The sword is just as big as he is.

Right before bed. You can see, even though he was sick and sat on my lap most of the party he had a great time.


Our Family said...

Don't you just love them to pieces?! Happy birthday Oey!! What a little cutie!

Lisa said...

Amy, I can't believe your "baby" is two! He surely is a cutie. What a fun party.

heather said...

what a precious little two year old! i love how much that balloon just MADE HIS DAY! he is just like how jarom and bella were, how they would have tiny special things they had to carry around. remember when bella loved to hold a spoon? what a bunch of wonderful kids. and you and mattie are so cute to decorate the house all festively and homemadely for your sweet baby!happy birthday to our big little boy, what an angel and i really hope he's feeling better. I LOVE YOU ALL!

Kimberly said...

It is hard to believe that he is already two. That last pic of him looks so much like you Amy. Such a cutie. I hope you are doing good. Happy Birthday Orion!

Life on Pelican Street said...

Happy Birthday O-ster!!!!

Momma said...

What a sweet Birthday Boy and what a wonderful party for him! I hope he got a new spiderman with two legs! The house looked adorable. The balloon very much like spiderman - good job! What a precious family. Thanks for sharing little Oey's second birthday party. Love you all, Nana