Friday, March 6, 2009

Riding the Provo River Parkway

Our weather has been so nice that we just had to try and get outside while we could (which was a good choice because it snowed all last night!). So Sunday we got out the bikes, aired them up and hooked up the bike trailer, and we took off! Jarom followed Amy and I the whole time. He's got stamina and he's a good little rider. We told him this summer we'd try to get him a bigger bike, maybe even a little mountain bike with shifters and gears and everything.

We rode across town to Ream Park--the duck pond--and hopped on the bike trail, the Provo River Parkway, to try and make it to Utah Lake before dark. We didn't quite make it--about two miles short--because we were going slow and steady in order to let everyone keep up, but we did make it to the rope swing. Oey threw rocks in the river and Jarom and Bella took turns swinging. All in all we rode a total of 7 miles, which is the farthest Jarom's ever done! We stopped at Exchange Park (per Jarom's request) to play for a while before making it home before sunset. We'll be doing this again soon, and next time we'll leave earlier and make it all the way to our lake.

Just taking off. We all had sunglasses on, even though the lighting makes it look pretty unnecessary. Jarom just cruises back on the forth on the sidewalk, casually gliding along, taking it easy.

We stopped at the Provo River by the railroad tracks for a quick break.

to check out the swans

and for Bella to use Wall-E style binoculars

our mountains behind us

We made it to the rope swing and Jarom jumped right on.

followed by Bella

and then my love, the prettiest rope-swinger of them all

Jarom climbed the massive tree following his turn

and I gave Bella some pushes, although she's an excellent pumper and can get as high as she wants really

And this is what Orion was contented with the whole time--the river. Water. Throwing rocks, splashing, mucking through mud in his shoes. He just can't get enough.

You can see the pretty sky behind us as it was getting darker.

homeward bound!


Ali said...

Fun fun fun! I'm glad you guys got out and enjoyed the weather!

heather said...

I can't believe you guys went seven miles with the kids! That looks so fun...I love that swing and what a beautiful day. I bet it felt so so good!

Lisa said...

Family bike rides are THE best. Looks like it was pretty cold that day! That's amazing that Jarom could keep up.

Jonathan Oliver said...

You went all the way from your house to our [your old] office? Wow.

Maria said...

I love the parkway! Glad you got outside!

Momma said...

What a beautiful wonderful thing to do on a lovely early Spring afternoon! Jarom does indeed look like he needs a bigger bike! Did Bella ride in the bike trailer with Oey? How much fun it all looks! I love the tunnel at the end, is that under a freeway? Oh, how I hope I can keep them entertained when you are in Ghana! I hope they like lots of stories, baking cookies, and going to the movies! Maybe walking around the block! That's about it for my talents! Love you all so much and can't wait to see you. I'll need lots of good maps on how to find my way around Provo et al!!