Sunday, March 15, 2009


Still reading, got two lovers to sit next to me. Sicky and Miss Green thumb.

The best little Daddy making dinner, artichokes and brown rice.

So today was the day, the day I put the towel down. I do it every now and then. Sometimes once a month to every other day. You just never know when it's going to happen. The thing I love about it though is my honey. He just steps right in where I left off. It is amazing. I sat down at about 5:30 tonight, this is when I usually make dinner, and picked up my Reader's Digest. I like to read things cover to cover when ever I get a chance. And tonight I did. Matt and the kids played outside till dark. I noticed Bella and Jarom running in and out of the house with their watering cans. Later found out that they watered everyone's plants and trees on our side of the block. Boy were they busy and beaming with pride. I then found this next to me. A nice new white piece of paper with this typed on it:

I like me. My dad likes me. My sister likes me. My mom likes me. my baby brother likes me.

I love my mom because she is always nice. I love my dad because he is kind and lets me do everything. I love Oey, he's always playful. I love Bella. She is kind. She loves beautiful things.

I love the whole family. I love Jesus and Heavenly Father, and I love the whole people in the city, and even in California. And I love the whole people in the whole entire universe. And even chubby people, though it's not nice to say "chubby".

This made me smile. I then had to look out the window to see what was going on. And saw Matty sitting at the kids' picnic table typing away on his little typewriter.

It didn't take long for the next one to come.

J: I like rocks
B: I like collecting leaves.
J: I like to have fun inside the snow.
B: I like making snowman.
J: I am interested in a lot of stuff. I am interested in cool stuff and everything.
B: My favorite shape is circles, and ovals.
J: Did you ever know I found a big big stick. And it still has lots of branches on it and everything.
B: I like coloring.
J: I don't really like to go to school. They don't really let me do anything I want.
B: I like picking flowers.
J: My favorite name for my dad to call me is my real name, Jarom, or they can call me by my nickname, Jar-bear.
B: I like riding on my bike.
J: I love to play video games. My favorite hero's Link. I like him because he can defeat all the bad guys, and I like the bad guys too.
B: I like sleeping.
J: My favorite colors are black and blue.
B: My favorite color is red and purple and pink and blue and green.
J: I love root beer soda.
B: I like animals.
J: I love my dad's skills on the typewriter.
B: I like petting animals too.
J: I love petroglyphs.
B: I like playing with sticks.
J: I love wheels.
B: I love dressing up on the springtime and doing my hair for the springtime.
J: I love to collect leaves.
B: I like my parties.
J: I like cake.
B: I like eating cupcakes. I like eating cake too.
J: I like Nicey.
B: I like riding in the jogger.
J: I like to plant.
B: I like being warm.
J: I like to ride my bike.
B: I like playing with my toys and animals.
J: My best friends are Torin and Collin.
B: I love my friends in the whole entire universe. I love the whole people in the city too. And in my family. And you, too.
J: I've never tried sushi. I want to try sushi.
B: I like going on the monkey bars on the playground.
J: I have lots of friends.
B: My favorite food is macaroni and cheese and cream of wheat and oatmeal.
J: I'm wobbly.
B: I like drinking soda.
J: I like to play in boxes.
B: My favorite cartoons are Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse and princesses and fairies.

This is the very sort of thing I love and treasure. They grow and change so quick. Matty, thank you for being such an amazing daddy. And for putting our kids down on paper to have forever. I feel so overwhelmed with all my many blessings. I never want to take all the simple things in life for granted ,that make life so wonderful and all too amazing and beautiful.

Thank you Jarom for capturing us with my camera. I wish I would have taken one of them all outside. After my long rest. I am ready to take the load of loving, kissing, singing, reading, washing, baking, homework back on. Almost wish I didn't need the break tonight. I miss them all. But love knowing they are all snug in their beds and will wake earlier than I'm ready. Not anymore. Bring it ALL. I want it all, there is nothing better.


Life on Pelican Street said...

What a sweet post. Life really is a blessing, I love those moments when you put everything in perspective and realize that you wouldn't change a thing even if you could!

Martha said...

Amy that was so sweet. You are adorable! xo

mooncowboy said...

Thanks honey for such a sweet post. I hit the hay early and wondered what you were up doing!

You do *so* much, and I like to be able to help a little bit every now and then. I think you should be entitled to at least two or three of those days a week! Well I love you. Thanks again for making me smile this morning with your amazing and kind and thoughtful post.

Life on Pelican Street said...

great stuff! makes me happy to know you guys! -Ben

heather said...

beautiful. i love you all so much my heart bursts.

Martha said...

You two are so dear. Your children are blessed. You can just feel the love at the Beatty household.xo xo

Shell Bell said...

I love it. Jarom and Bella have such strong, individual personalities. I could read through the list and know which kid was talking without looking at the B or J. I am glad you are feeling rejuvinated. What a beautiful week we are having. Do you want to go for a bike ride or take a trip to the park?

Our Family said...

Amy, you are such a loving mom. I love reading how you describe or talk about your kids--"two lovers Sicky and Miss Green thumb" for example. And Matt is absolutely a dad to beat all dads. Wow! Isn't it wonderful to have someone who will pick up the towel when we put it down, realizing that we need some time? What lucky ladies we are to have such great hubbies! You know, not everyone does!?

Lisa said...

Amy, you always have been an inspiration to me as a wife and mother. You are a wise woman to know when to take a break. We owe it to ourselves and to our family. That is when the spirit whispers to us how blessed we are, and we gain that perspective. Thanks for sharing your heavenly moment!

bclarkexcel said...

You are so super Amy & Matt! Way to take time on things that matter most! I take it the weather must be pretty good for the kids to be out watering plants.
I miss seeing you all.
Luv, Stephy

Papa Dan said...

Amazing notes about the Matt/Amy household. When reading the comments, I feel as though I'm right there with you. You are a great family.