Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I feel so loved!!!!

You would too if you had the most adorable sister-in-laws come visit. We shopped every thrift store and chatted every night into the wee hours.

Adie and Heather (Heather also wrote about her trip here and here) were pretty impressed with Bella's songs she wrote for the piano.

Adie came bearing gifts for all. Best January Christmas ever. We were gaily opening, playing and trying on our new things when we had a freaky incident with Jarom and a pocketknife that sliced his wrist. Let's just say blood was gushing like there was no tomorrow. Poor Jarom thought he was going to die. Thank goodness for Matt's quick reflexes and knowledge.

Bella received her first scrapbook and away she went.

The whole book is great but this page has a little piece of Provo history and heart.

We also love when we have company because they always want to go to our favorite places to eat (like Sammy's).

Sweet potato stache

Pure beauty in Midway.

Checking out the local hot springs. We came ready to take a dip but Adie refused to leave the car.

So Heather and Matt ventured out to see. They came back with lots of gorgeous pictures. Matt has been trying to get us to go here for years. I have a feeling we will be back here very soon.

Running back to the car. You can see the steam across the snowy meadow on the right.

Finally making it to our real destination after standing in a blizzard and tracking down a shuttle. Watch out Sundance - the Beattys are on parade!

Utterly cool stop

To get warm drinks

and treats. We ended up talking here at the Java Cow forever. We just don't know how to get a move on. Never enough time for chitchat.

We only stopped at a few places but Dolly's bookstore one is the best. And these are the best classics in the best new covers EVER. I want!!

Made our way to get tickets. They had one left for the night and there was no time to discuss whether or not one of us should go because it was snatched just that quick.

Last full day with the girls and one long winter drive. Matt and I took turns driving our own car with the kids and being in Adie and Heather's car to continue our nonstop conversations.

This long drive is always worth it. Crystal Hot Springs. It is rich with minerals (more concentrated than Iceland's Blue Lagoon) and is the second most poplar place to come soak - the Dead Sea being number one (we heard that somewhere). See that pleasant smile on my face? It is because my back is in the hottest water there. I love the heat.

We saw some people pulling each other around by their hair. It looked very relaxing and had to try it ourselves.

Jarom getting his float on while I try to drag Adie around by her hair.

Oey loving the float

and piggyback rides.

Steamy hot goodness

Enjoying the sunset but not leaving when he does.


moonshinejunkyard said...

mmmmmmm i love it allllll.....but most of all YOU GUYS!

that hot minerally water is looking mighty fine tonight. all i want to do all winter if find hot springs to soak in. rachel and nick just went back to the sierra springs one where darin and i went: they have a TWO FOR ONE deal all winter till april. two nights for $88!!! i want to go with a whole group of people, rent out the whole place like a big zenned out slumber party.

our trip was so fun. and way too fast! every tiny detail was fun and i love the way you tell things, like i had almost forgotten about oey floating and pulling bella by the hair, they loved it so. i remember how i'd tilt oey's sweet chin back and say, "now just lay back, relax, floaattt," and oey yelling excitedly, "I see a star!" so adorable. i love you guys!

Kimberly said...

what fun! We might have to venture to the hot springs. IT looks way too nice. I am glad adie and Heather broke you in on some good sis in law time so we can continue it this weekend!! WOOOHOOOO!!

mooncowboy said...

heather: i totally feel you about the hot springs. i have a hot springs addiction. finding them, annotating them, planning for them. there are two i want to go to here before winter's up. a week from this saturday i'm planning on us FINALLY going to the Midway ones. our visit was such a tease.