Sunday, September 13, 2009

Jarom looses a tooth

Jarom lost another tooth last week. His second one. Both had to be pulled by the dentist because he grows "shark teeth"--that is, his permanent teeth grow in behind his baby teeth!

He's very calculating about the tooth fairy. For the first tooth he lost, the tooth fairy gave him $5 (first tooth--it's a big grownup deal!). So for the second one, he sat us down that night and said, "Dad, I think the tooth fairy should give me four dollars. It goes down, first five, then four, then three, like that."
I said, "But then you would get down to nothing at all."
"Then it starts over again."
He knows what he wants. The tooth fairy ended up giving him a couple of dollar bills and some coins, adding up to over $3. The next morning he sat down and looked at it in awe. "It's more than I expected."

here he is beforehand, jagged chompers and all

here he is post-second-tooth-extraction (the facial scratches are from a viscious spat with Bella: pinchmarks!)

This was his first crazy tooth. You can kind of see the new tooth growing in behind his lower baby tooth (righthand one).

here's the boy after his first tooth removal (in April)

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moonshinejunkyard said...

he is so adorable. i love that he said it's more than i expected. you tell the story wonderfully. was it painful for him? also will the new teeth now be pushed too far back even though the front ones got pulled? he'll probably have to have braces, huh? anyway he looks grand for a first grader. very grown up and handsome. I MISS HIM SO!