Monday, September 21, 2009

State Fair

We drove to the State Fair and it rained the whole time. But just as we pulled up to park, the rain started to disappear and the sun came out for a few minutes before it went down all the way. We watched a great sunset.

time to put the umbrellas away

sunset clouds

Train ride! the kids all got bracelets because it was Family Night -- kids get in free and bracelets are 2 for 1! A deal not to be passed up.

true excitement

Amy and the ferris wheel

riding the Pirate Ship -- probably the best ride there


helicopter controllers

looking down on the whole scene, Salt Lake behind


entering the fear-inducing Gravitron

Bella pressed up inside

bumper cars

a drink . . . from the Minnesota State Fair

sweet delicate funnel cake

a bucket o' fries!

1 comment:

moonshinejunkyard said...

amy, you looked amazing this night. that cutie jacket really brings out your green eyes and you have the BEST SMILE! every picture is so adorable and fairish. i love the one from above, each pretty colorful tent so tidy and perfect. now, that funnel cake reminds me of something weird and freaky like brains or rabbit babies. sorry, but the fries are much more up my ally. i'm with you oey. OH GUYS I MISS YOU! your pretty faces, i want to kiss each one. bella going onto the gravitron, i suddenly have a glimpse of herself as a teen and stunning and i want time to slow down, SLLLLOOOWWWW DOOOOOWWWWWWNNNN and let this little girl be our special perfect princess daughter nature child for as long as possible. although i do love time and how everything grows but please life, love and god let us all enjoy each other as much as possible forever and every moment. beautiful, friends. i love you.