Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bella's Mom

And there's Bell and her class. We got to walk to Allen's! Mrs. Pond and I played tag team with taking photos.

Dave showed us everything there is to know. But Bella did this same trip last year with Jarom's class. So the whole time Bella would say- I've already done this. I have already been in the big freezer. I've seen that before. A proud one she was.

We even got cookies!!!

My pink group.

Time to say goodbye. Bella loved having me there. And I have to say- I loved being there, I'm Bella's mom! A proud one I am!! xoxoxo


moonshinejunkyard said...

oh my gosh that picture of you two is to die for. amy your eyes just get more and more sparkly. gorgeous girls. bella is a little kindergarten rockstar. those dang striped tights are killing me. what a stylish, sassy, friendly, social butterfly little girl. i am proud to be her aunt! love your stories. what a nice activity for the kids to do. did you bring oey?

mooncowboy said...

my beautiful girls!

Amy Beatty said...

I didn't take the spiderman. I did last year. But he is one wild boy these days. Another proud moment- bella was the only one who knew what asparagus was.

Heidi Daniels said...


Glory Watts said...

IT'S ME!! You're long lost sister, back from the dead. We FINALLY got the internet a few days ago, you know after living in our house for a month, we figured it was time. It has been so fun catching up on reading your fabulous blog. I sure love you, my favorite little Beatty family. I love all your adventures and good 'ol fashioned family fun. I really need to update my blog (you think!) But it seems almost too big a task since it's literally been like 5 months since I've posted anything. Hopefully I'll have something up soon. I love you guys SOO much. I got your birthday present the other day Amy, now for the hard part... driving to the post office and actually mailing it off.

BTW, I can't believe it took you guys so long to make it out to Antelope Island. You have been to every location on the map of Utah, and this particular location seems to be one of the only "touristy" places people know about. We've been there a few times, sadly it's one of the only unique places we visited while living there. And would you believe it, I saw two toppless girls running around once, I could tell they were from Europe. Little do people know that Utah of all places has it's own nudey beach ; )

love and kisses to all of you!


mooncowboy said...

good to see you again Glory. looking forward to all the many many updated blog posts in the (near) future!

yeah, Antelope Island's always called to us, just took us some time (prioritizing?) until we got out there! Now we need to go back, to see the Fielding Garr Ranch and to do some real mountain biking there! (probably just me and Amy).

Jaime said...

I'd have to agree about those sassy striped tights--awesome! :) I can't believe what big kids you have!! Also, the asparagus comment killed me--last week at the grocery store Ashtyn yelled very excitedly, "I want a PARRR-SSNIP!" The lady next to me was like, "your kid knows what a parnsip is, much less even wants one?"