Friday, September 25, 2009

Big Bro in Baker City!

Rustin- the first of 13. We love visiting him and his family. They live in the cutest little town where you would not be surprised to see a horse and buggy coming down the lane.

Suzi behind the counter, taking Jenny and Dana's order.

Here we are outside of Baker Bistro the newest best thing that has come to Baker- thanks to Rustin and Suzi. It was such a treat to be treated!

Loving the the vegetarian options!!!

Picked up some milk on the way home. Wish I had one of these nearby. Who wants to run into the store to pick up one thing? Plus all the packing and unpacking of kids - saved!

Out on the ranch. Just miles of plains and views of the Blue Mountains. The view is just amazing. Matt and I really envy their lifestyle!

Shooting the breeze

Daddy did a flip and landed on the ground unhurt, wish I could say the same for the tramp!

A fun tradition. We always have a girls' and guys' night out! The guys came home to find us all snug in bed.

Our reason for the visit. Besides the fact that we go every Labor Day it was Suzi's birthday!!

And boy was it a party!!!! 4 girls- need I say more!

This was the best. Jenny was making fun of the Baker County Fair that we went to in Halfway, Oregon. It was about a hour away in the middle of nowhere. So she was saying that it was halfway to nowhere just to find out she is the QUEEN of Halfway!!!

Smiles all around!


having more fun than we thought possible. We were the only people there. Jenny must have reserved it for us!

Jarom loving life

Glad he came off in one piece.

Winter loving the mud at the Snake River in Hells Canyon!

Perfect way to end the day. We are in Oregon, the other side of the river however was Idaho. So of course Matt had to swim over there.

The odds and ends you will find hanging around Rustin's buildings. He is actually restoring the old Antlers Hotel. It is going to be just beautiful.

hanging out in the old car dealership

Had to make one last visit to the ranch before we hit the road.

They let us collect and keep their eggs.

Bella in a pinch

in their favorite tiny playhouse

saying one last goodbye.


moonshinejunkyard said...

i can't believe what fun you guys always have in beautiful baker! i am with you, i also envy that lifestyle! the county fair was adorable and what a treat to get the rides all to yourself!

did jarom get to ride the gravitron all alone? reminds me of a scene from one of my favorite films, 400 Blows, except that kid is a little bit older. It is one of my favorite scenes in cinematic history. Jarom is such a legendary kid, just full of the kind of charisma that gets you everywhere you need to get. i bet when he's around this particular set of cousins he get a lot of daddy bonding time! those girls look quite a handful...are those pregnant bellies?? hilarious. and they are each so darling. rowan's haircut is so cute on her! and rustin's girls have the piercing what a bunch of prettypantsies.

so...yeah...i comment a lot. i just have so much to say about each photo. i love all the little details. wonderful. you made my day!

Glory Watts said...

So, who's the 4th girl in bed with you guys? I can't figure it out.

I can't believe Baker has their own drive through grocery window. That has been one of my great ideas for some time now. Who knew, Baker already thought of it. And Half way Jenny, HA HA!

I love ya!

Amy Beatty said...

That is Suzi-Qs best friend Kailyn. hey- whats your address?

Glory Watts said...

didn't you get my text with my new number and address?

I'll re-send it if you don't have it!