Sunday, September 13, 2009

Peach Days and India Fest

Saturday brought us all the way up to Brigham City for Peach Days, with Carrie and Brandon and Millie. We made it just after the parade started, and sat and watched while the kids gathered candy in bags. We ate kettle corn, walked the busy streets, and had some peaches.

Millie breaking the rules

Jarom and Bella ready for the candy. They made sure to grab bags on the way out the door. They didn't even need to be reminded.

A huge ice cream man that Jarom tried to lick. He claims "everyone else was doing it too!"

a belly dancer float!

Peach Days

beautiful Bella

rides (we're holding out till the Utah State Fair on Monday)

visiting an old pioneer cabin

fruit stand

The biggest massive tube of fresh-popped kettle corn you've ever seen. I watched them make it. Then proceeded to buy it. Irresistible. And gone now.

Bella and her balloon

pretty balloon-filtered light

the Shriners gang taking a bunch of kids for ride in front of the Brigham City gateway


We left in time to make it back down to Spanish Fork for India Fest. This is the second year we've been. We love the Krishna temple. Some of the events, like Holi, are so packed (and rightfully so) that it's really hard with the kids there. India Fest is much mellower--still plenty of people, but we were able to get the best dinner (curry, rice, spinach paneer, lentil chips, hallava, juice--even little pita pizzas), see peacocks and llamas, watch the sunset from the roof, dance to a traditional Krishna chanting and music, see part of the pageant, watch the burning of a Lord Ravana effigy, and dance to the Krishna rock band.

the crowd watching performances

admiring the effigy

llama fest!

This llama was much friendlier than the ones from last year. Oey fed him some weeds.

dancing to the Krishnas

looking at withered wasp nests in a pot


sweet Princess Jasmine

ready for the burning

the flaming arrows set off a huge string of fireworks


dancing the night away


moonshinejunkyard said...

what a wondrously busy day! amy i love your purple top; you look gorgeous. and those indian outfits...did you guys buy them? so insanely beautiful. bella in all white with her cute white huraches is to die for. that meal sounds so good too, it's like my dream come true. you guys know how to party. the dancing part is my fave. love the parade too, cute bellydancers! i was eating a peach while reading this. i think brigham city is adorable and i love its history too. keep em coming guys, i love your stories so so so.

Maria said...

What a fun filled day!