Friday, September 25, 2009


We were happy to hear that there was a reunion just right up the hill from us. But for some reason instead of chilling there my two cousins and their families and mine hit the road and left to Jordanelle Reservoir instead.

Of course after I said hi to my twin aunties!!

Pearl! We love this girl. Look at that face.

She gets it from him!

Pearl likes the look of this, but something is missing..



Boo and Lu

April, Rach and I. She is probably having her baby as I'm writing this- Rachel- if you are there, remember you said you would call me!!!!

Wendell swam out and came back with this! The world's best water park! SOOO nice to hang with the cousins, just like old times.


moonshinejunkyard said...

RACHEL'S HAVING ANOTHER BABY!!!????? i can't believe it. seems like literally YESTERDAY that pearl was born. she is so adorable by the way. that sequence of pictures of her throwing gravel on matt and then plopping down next to him is SO CUTE. what fun to go in water with a bunch of cousins!

Glory Watts said...

I was just looking at that picture of Rachel and thinking that she must have "just had" a baby. She does not look 9 months prego!! I love April and Rachel, lucky you that you got to see them. And even luckier, you got to see the twins!! Way to represent at the reunion!