Monday, September 21, 2009

Island in the Great Salt Lake

Saturday we went to Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake. We brought our bikes all the way, but none of the trails would fit the bike trailer, so instead we hiked, awed, and floated in the sunshine.

hanging out near the visitors center -- buffalo statues were strewn all across the island

the island's namesake, pronghorn antelope

All the washed out colors make one beautiful sight.

Matt helping the kids earn their Jr. Ranger badges.

These lined the whole trail

hiking above it all

beautiful White Rock Bay

At the top!

Vast skylines and mountain peaks make you want to live forever!

The mile walk to the beach

The boys are winning

reflections in the water

Bella way excited to give me some magic salty mud.

Once you get past the flies it's not too bad

Or so we think

Our little Houdini

soaking up the float

and the last of the day's golden rays

Salt in your eyes does not feel good

dancing around

playing in Bridger Bay, an empty stretching background

Our big stud.


moonshinejunkyard said...

these pictures are INCREDIBLE. what a seriously incredibly photogenic place and family. that landscape just glows in these photos and you guys all fit right in. nice family activity. jarom is so much like a mini-carl or william or sean. bella is so cute when she wrinkles her nose. and sweet little salty-eyed oey. amy you are such a good mama. beautiful trip guys. i want to go there.

and to think, i thought you meant "salty" in the grumpy way....

Life on Pelican Street said...

You all never cease to amaze me!!

Lovin the sunflowerish shot

Papa Dan said...

Great pictures, guys. Does the lake stay shallow or if not how deep is it? The lake looks really big on Google maps--how much of a drive from Provo. What an active family--due to an active mom and dad. BTW not a bad hat Matt. And looked like the salty water really buoyed you up. Bet it was pretty warm also. Love you

mooncowboy said...

It does get deeper as you walk out in it, but it's really not very deep. Only about 14 ft at its deepest. It is a really big lake, one of the largest in the US and the world.

It's less than an hour from Provo to get there, but to get to Antelope Island it's about an hour, maybe a little longer.

The water was really warm! And thanks for the hat comment. I bust it out every now and again. One day you'll have to float in the lake yourself.