Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hey Y'all

Austin Sisters trip

I was so proud of my little suitcase and packing skills that I had to take pictures.

I packed:
Running shoes/socks
4 nighties
2 work out outfits
3 dresses
3 pairs of tights
1 pair of bloomers
1 sweatshirt
The pictures really don't do it justice. It is the smallest little suitcase.

I unpacked next to some fine art

And shared the coziest dreamy room with my sister Jenny. We stayed up and talked all night - mostly about the sheets. Just heavenly.

Here we are at the "Motel", our motel for the week (which is my aunt's little house right on the lake). Kim, me, Jenny and Glory.

Our lovely motel is right next to my aunt's house - Casa Azul.

Momma got to come too. She couldn't resist not seeing her sister and daughters who live far from home. Plus who would want to miss out on all the fun.

Mom and her sister Deborah. Our wonderful and lovely hostess - the azul queen. All of her places are just amazing. She has such a fun unique flair and collects every kind of art out there. And you wouldn't believe what I mean by every kind of art - carvings made of toilet paper rolls, Krispy Kreme bag art, rooms upon rooms filled with treasures. Every light fixture is someone's masterpiece, a bathroom with a hologram of Vincent Van Gogh. There is a fun story behind everything.

My favorite room is the most simple little sun room, might have something to do with the star lights forming the one constellation near and dear to my heart - my Orion. xoxo

One beautiful table

looks even better with us eating pure nutritious food made by Casa Azuls own personal chef

I must introduce you to the man of the of the house - Clayton. The sweetest, homespun gentleman out there.

Modeling the 4 nighties I brought from home. I was worried someone would want the same one or that maybe they wouldn't even want one. Silly me. It all went smoothly and each got one that fit perfectly.

One of Deborah's many collections - I got to tell ya, this wall looks amazing at night. It glows and shines like nothing you have ever seen.

You can see why azul is the perfect name - wish I would have taken more pictures. Every room is so beautiful.

Jenny making friends in the parlor

Now this is some art I could do

One of the many fun light fixtures, but back to us ...

... did I mention our little motel has a yoga studio overlooking the lake? No better way to start our day than to have Clayton lead us in our own private yoga session. He is the greatest teacher. Wish you could see his body move - now that's art!

Grandma has got us all beat though :)

I had to take a picture of this, since I had none to post in my last sisters blog. If you can remember, this is one of my favorite times together.

Getting all gussied up for a day in San Antonio

First stop ... the Alamo

San Antonio has a river walk that is forever long and beautiful.

I've never been to Venice, but the bright umbrellas, boat rides, shops and restaurants lined the water with tons of music (most of it live) made me think of it.

Mr. San Antonio himself

No sisters trip is complete without a trip to the temple

Eating out Texan style

Don't be sad for the poor vegetarian, I was the only one who had room for the homemade ice cream and berry cobbler.

We bring her for pure entertainment purposes

We loved our little motel but couldn't help but find ourselves here every night. We all fit snug as a bug on this couch. Once our movies would end us girls would go back home and talk and play all night.

This morning we took to the green belt and walked miles over and around the lake. We even got to see turtles and black swans. Kim and Deborah took off quick and we never saw them again. But we three just chatted away and tried to keep an eye on mom. Whenever we took a turn or crossed a bridge we would then stand and talk so mom would know where to go. In the end we got smart and would just walk back to her and tell her. Right towards the end though, we couldn't find her anywhere. She somehow passed us.

A sisters trip is our excuse for some pampering

Pink was our theme - pretty spring buds, we are ready for you.

Dressed up for dinner out on the town and some two-stepping. But after dinner we voted and that big comfy couch won hands down.

The hologram art entering the house. The tree would change colors, but after taking this photo I realized it looked just like a photo of a little piece of art, not the whole side of a house.

So the next night I had my mom pose next to that wall, but that night instead of a tree there were a million neon green specks.

Last morning together. Mom made us mountain pancakes. She actually made us breakfast every morning.

I couldn't have been more pleased to have brunch in my favorite room with everyone who made my week just purely AMAZING!!! I can't thank you all enough and I miss you soo much. It's hard leaving and it's even harder when I get home. I miss laughing and talking non-stop constantly with you all. But so glad we had some great moments - not to be shared with the press - that keep me giggling and laughing inside. xoxoxoxo


In a nut shell... said...

How fun! You girls are so darling. We make "mountain pancakes" too only we call them "puff pancakes" and when my brother went on his mission the people in Missouri called them "German pancakes". Funny how they have so many names!

moonshinejunkyard said...

oh how i love texas and i LOVE your motel. yoga and pancakes and slumber party movie nights, wandering the riverwalk all afternoon, out to dinner at night, two stepping all the way ??!!! THE DREAM LIFE! looks like you sissies had an absolute blast down to the teeniest detail. LOVE IT! and miss you.

whit said...

What a fun drip! Sisters, what a wonderful blessing they are.

Jeff and Sheila Capell said...

wow, it all looks amazing!! What a great trip to re-energize!!

Kimberly said...

Oh, watching all that made me long to be back to all the giggling and primping!! you did a great job recapturing all of it and got so many more shots than I did. I wish I would have taken more photos. BUt my memory is camera enough for all the fun we had. Thanks for all that you did to keep it exciting and fun!! I miss you like crazy!!

Harris Family said...

how cool! Austin and San Antonia are a few of my favorite cities!! What a cool aunt and cool house. This makes me want to go on a trip with my sisters.