Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Life, mostly today, some yesterday and the day before and so on...

Love waking up next to my little buddy, a rare treat.

Or finding this

The newly added easel has more than earned its keep.

Best friends walking home from church

Orion LOVES his Mary Jane and Spiderman made by Bella more than anything he got for Christmas.

The best big sister

Last week's field trip to the Provo airport

A somewhat warm day

that we needed to take advantage of

Looking for style? Slips, black tights and boots are the latest fashion.

Back at it again. This time with best friend in tow.

Our first and very exciting Cub Scout party. Happy Chinese New Year (tomorrow) / Groundhog Day!

Ready to hit the hay

Fresh little daisy. Matt had the kids make more ice ornaments tonight - since it has gone back to FREEZING. While all were busy I took the time I had been waiting for. Photoshoot of my new do.

Ta da! It has been one whole year since I had my bangs last cut and my looong hair was getting pretty unmanageable. I have been planning this day for a while. But waited till the new year to have something to look forward to. :) And that day came today. About 10 inches gone and some new thick bangs.

Oh yeah. I took about ten pictures of myself and they all look the same. It was very hard to decide which ones to post.

Ok, so this was the one oddball. It's not easy to do a real photoshoot with oneself. Here's hoping I still love it in the morning.


Lisa said...

Amy, this is the best kind of post! (I was starting to wonder if you had a home life...)

You and the children are beautiful. I love seeing what goes on in your day.

Tara Oliver said...

LOVE the new haircut! it's super cute. I agree with Lisa - I love home reports that are mostly photos or just a typical normal average day. :)

moonshinejunkyard said...

you look astoundingly gorgeous amy! all these pics are so adorable, from the very first which is a killer. ORION BEATTY you break my heart with your own unique quirky charms and handsomeness. bella and breanny coming home from church is so precious, like out of a 1950s storybook. jarom playing on the playground too. glad to see you guys are getting such pure enjoyment from life and family. perfect bliss. love you all sooooo, my heart bursts.

AdieSpringB said...

your hair is ADORABLE

Becky said...

I agree with everyone else, I love you new haircut. And I love all you pictures and posts about your amazing trip. You are inspiring me to be adventurous

Our Family said...

It's amazing how quickly time flies and then they are not little and don't want to go to the park with you anymore. You and Matt are so good at enjoying your family! You inspire me! : )

crazy christensen family said...

Love the new hair style! You look fabulous and I love your necklace too!! Seriously, when are you guys coming out? Do you not like us anymore?

Nadia said...

You look gorgeous! I love seeing all you guys are up to this winter. Have a great week!

Heidi Daniels said...

AMY! You hot mamacita of a fox, you! Only you can pull off that look so well! The picture of Oey at the easel, totaly reminds me of a profile picture of Alex and Bonny, he's such a Smith kid! Love you!