Saturday, February 26, 2011

The perfect combination

My Valentine knows my heart's desire and has no problem planning my perfect storybook date.

The combination: My love, luna, and ME. xo

I don't know what was so funny. But I love how everyone who works here at the Sundance Nordic Center is so incredibly friendly. One of the workers, who Matt claimed was a more handsome Jude Law, took Matt's camera and captured this gleeful moment. Off to a great start.

Leaving the warmest of yurts to the frosty frozen mountain we go.

Marker #1. Ready and so excited to snowshoe away.

The clouds were in a frenzy, all wanting a turn to feel that glorious light through them.

The way may look dark and cold, but it is anything but.

The moons glowing reflection on the snow makes the perfect natural nightlight (I'm that sturdy stump on the right), unlike the mighty sun, whose bright rays pierce and blind the eye.

Sitting back to cool down and take in the view against the nice frozen bank is a welcome treat.

Valentine, I'm over the moon about you. Thank you xoxo


moonshinejunkyard said...

that is the RADDEST valentines activity i've ever seen. i have been saying lately how fun it sounds to go snowshoeing, much more natural and invigorating to me than all the other winter sports. and what a treat to go out under the gorgeous MOON! did you hear any owls or other night critters? and when can i come visit this jude law fella?!

love you two and your sweet romance! xoxo (i'm stealing the xoxo from you and bella, she taught me and she said she got it from you!)

Lisa said...

So beautiful.