Monday, February 7, 2011

Wolf Creek

Sun, trees, snow, and clouds

The best teacher

My happy-go-lucky lad

Daring she-devil

Quaint and picture-perfect Wolf Mountain

The gang

Off to start their adventure

Boo is a natural - this is her first time!

The ever-loving teacher

My buddy. O missed the last ski class for the day and since I'm NO teacher I got to hang out with this crazy, surprisingly happy fellow. Even though he really had his heart set on being a "skier guy."

Time to warm up with hot creamy cocoa in the lodge where we had the perfect view of the fam.

Matt and his good friend Mason (he is the one sad part of Matt leaving his old job) and his son Elliott. Proving they can be friends out of the office. They actually have been night boarding most Thursday nights this winter. We thought it would be a good idea to finally have the families meet up.

We got to crash their vacation home they had for the weekend. The kids of course made their way to the theater room while the rest of us enjoyed pasta and ice cream.


Rachel said...

You have so much fun. Also, there is a chance we might move to Pagosa Springs, CO with my Granny. If so, you can come visit and stay at my Granny´s house. We can go to Colorado´s Wolf Creek.It´s beautiful. And if we move back to Utah, I want to do fun things.

Tara Oliver said...

that first picture is just GORGEOUS!! what a fun trip!

moonshinejunkyard said...

awwww fun time crazies! matt and mason are such good buds, it is totally heartwarming. i love the photo of oey with his warm cocoa, so sweet. what a fun little trip, pure winter. where is wolf creek, how far away? looks like the coziest little getaway. love you all, miss you...