Thursday, February 17, 2011

Local News

Surprise!! We got haircuts. Can you guys guess which one I had to beg to get a cut and which one begged me to get it cut?

I had to bribe this fellow. Even his piano teacher was about to cut his hair. He loves his hair long. Fine by me, I do too. It was just getting too long and hiding that handsome face.

The back. Jarom had no idea it was this long. Definitely past the shaggy stage.

He has such great thick hair. I'm loving this new cut!

Now boo had to beg me. I love--really do love--long hair and she loves buns and every girlie hair style. I was worried she would regret it but it is her hair so I let her decide.

So glad I did. Such a fun and easy change.

Our Valentines night! Pizza pizza. I'm pretty sure my honey has something extra special up his sleeve for me tonight. I'm way excited!!

Our Spiderman has been branching out. He likes to pick a character each day and just goes with it, all the way. That night he was Doc Ock, shirtless, glasses, swinging around his bag of money from the bank. He had just barely removed his trenchcoat (blanket).

Here he pretend to be a tied-up Batman - it wore him right out. Orion is such a fun guy to hang out with everyday. He makes people smile wherever we go.

Our headlining story of the YEAR!!! Local man wins roundtrip tickets to New Zealand, AGAIN!!!! This time for two. He won this time by answering a simple question, "You can take your Valentine anywhere, $ is no object. Where are you going? Answer here to WIN flight for 2", with this, "Backpacking through southwest canyons. Sometimes the best romantic journeys are in your own backyard." -- over on a Trazzler and Air New Zealand promotion.

I'm so lucky to have you honey!!! Can't wait to be there again with you!!!!


kimberly said...

You WON a trip to NZ!?!? That's awesome! I want free vacations too! lol

moonshinejunkyard said...

everyone looks spectacular in their new haircuts (and doc oc identities) and YOU ARE THE LUCKIESTS!!! can't wait to help out with the kids. should we come to your house this time? i can start planning now. whatever you need.

it's snowing here today! flurries of silent whiteness all around my cozy house. i feel blessed with winter FINALLY. and we have a new baby in our group...the mingles had a BOY!!! (and there is my own local news :) )

love you guys, miss you, can't wait to see more of what all you are up to!!!

crazy christensen family said...

Karly got her hair chopped last October and she wants to grow it out already! I can't believe you won another trip!! How do you guys do it? I want in!!

whit said...

Absolutely love your family!!