Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Soldier Hollow

Our kids have been begging and pleading with us to take them to "expensive sledding". And by expensive sledding they mean where you actually pay to go sledding, unlike our usual free sledding. Hot darn - it was the last day of the four day weekend so it only seemed right to go out with a bang. We got to Soldier Hollow and indeed found out that it is quite the lucrative operation they have going. Lucky for us, the usual everyday rate is $20 per person for two hours, but that day they were having a Rotary Club FUNdraiser and it was less than half that plus it came with DINNER!! We felt like the luckiest bunch of ducks!!

Packed into the coziest of lodges with our free meal - really nothing to toot your horn about. But we can't help it - we love FREE food!

Snuggin with my lover, seems like the right thing to do when your sitting by the fire.

Letting the food settle

Bundled to the MAX. 13 degrees has got nothing on us.

Picking the perfect tubes

Sitting pretty while I get towed up the mountain, nothing to do but lie back and stargaze or ...

... wave to this fellow (Jarom) 100 times :)

These guys tried about every possible way to go down

There they go. I know it doesn't look like much - but it is freaky and fun. Orion did manage to crash the first time down.

Bella braved up and started going by herself, me screaming in her ear "we're going to die!" while going backwards in the dark over ice might have had something to do with it.

I braved it as long as I could (both the cold and freaky fun) and needed a little break. Thought Oey would like one too. Boy was I wrong. He was happy and willing to come with me until he realized I just wanted to sit by the fire. So back out we went just in time to catch the last ride of the night. I felt like a real champ. It would have been pretty sad if O didn't get to go again. The whole way home the kids just raved about it and Oey kept saying "I want to go snowboarding again!" while I examined the soles of my shoes since I kind of cheat and drag my heels most of the way down. Lo and behold, the very next day on our CityDeals site they had a special for some more half-off tickets. So watch out Soldier Hollow, we are coming back even more bundled and screaming our heads off to the MAX!!!

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moonshinejunkyard said...

awwwwww, soooo fun! for some reason that last picture of o is just killing my heart. and you and matt have the prettiest eyes. i want to go, and hear you screaming "we're gonna die!!!" over and over, I LOVE IT! miss you cuties. i bet you have a lot more snow to come!