Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters

For about the last ten years my mom and her sisters have been letting their daughters join them on their annual sisters retreats. And every time they sing the Irving Berlin "Sisters, Sisters" song. All of us girls look forward to this once-a-year getaway of laughter, rest, hardcore goofballing, staying up all night and spilling out our guts to each other, whether it be about our disappointments, hardships and dreams, loves, hopes and wishes. I can remember my first retreat when one of my sisters and I stayed up all night listening to our aunt tell us how she traveled the world (okay, it was Israel, just one faraway place, but at the time it felt like the whole world) to track down her love - whom she did end up marrying. Our time together is always so uplifting and just filled with so much sweet goodness and love.

Sisters and me at our last sisters trip in Austin - which is exactly where I'm headed tomorrow. This trip is not one put on by my mom and her sisters this time, but by me and mine, plus our sisters-in-law. Sisters ... what can I say? They are the greatest, and I have been blessed with not one but, as of right now, 12 (on both sides)! More like spoiled. Nothing better. Here are some reasons I love my sisters:

being with them for the biggest proudest moments of their lives

bingeing on crap together - we are great at this!!

having babies just weeks apart

Dressing for Halloween, or for any occasion. Some of my fondest memories of growing up are of us all lined up in front of the mirror in the bathroom, taking turns with the blowdryer and doing each other's makeup with day-to-day chitchat.

always dorking out and laughing at ourselves

the original six in order from youngest to oldest: Dolly, Bonny, Merry, Amy, Glory and Jenny!

taking bubble baths together to break in new homes

having babies together - again :)

having sisters hold and love your baby as much as you do

this was last year's and our first girls trip without mommas

Who else would you rather try and lie out with while trying to save our youth? (the try is because it doesn't really happen when you have young kids around - so maybe I should say we are lifeguards :) ). Another thing, speaking about youth, it is great to grow old together. It seems like we are all the same age.

to have a sister named Merry ... is very merry xo

to be drowned lost rats at sea together, to have waves and life flash and crash overhead is true bonding, especially while you both only have one foot to stand on

please tell me this is not weird

our dear Mother Willow who has laid the yellow brick road for us

another sisters trip

don't need anyone else but us for our baby showers - all are welcome though, of course

nothing like a friendly race to get a sister in labor

seeing them in plays and realizing that they have got talent!

To be wild and free together. Snow on the mountains ain't stopping us.

Again with babies. You've got to know people probably love camping next to us - HA.

hiking buddies

Buff buddies. We have always loved working out together. This week is going to be no different with yoga, kayaking, jogging.... and so on.

We need no excuses for our girlie ways. We giggle and cackle and shine brighter than ever when we are together.

My sister made us shirts for the last Twilight movie and got us tickets for opening night - oh boy. It was a freak show, and even though some of my other sisters and I have never read the books, we had the greatest time EVER. I'm not lying - probably on my top three things of last year.

We had hours to kill in our seats with nothing better to do than be us. It was really great - when we were walking out of the movie someone asked me - or moreso rather told me - "You never read the books did you?" Ha. Guess I was gasping too much.

Sisters!!! I love you. Thank you for always loving me so freely. I love that we are all so different and unique but our hearts beat as one! To all my sisters who are not coming this time - remember - our hearts beat as one. We will miss you and we need to make sure to gather us ALL next time. It's just not the same without you all. xoxox


In a nut shell... said...

You are all so beautiful! Loved the picture of you guys jumping into the water. So cute.

moonshinejunkyard said...

SOOOO FUNNN! you guys are the raddest sisters. i have always been drawn into the smith-sister mystique and i have seen that what it is, it's true essence, is just PURE LOVE. beautiful. amy, have so much fun!!!! can't wait to see what goes on this year.

did you finish the new zealand posts? i kinda thought there would be a couple more days! (HOPE!)

Lisa said...


What a sweet, sweet post. You truly are blessed with so many sisters! Welcome to the rising generation.

whit said...

Love that song! You gals are beautiful:)