Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Backpacking in AWE, freezing awe

The beginning. The yearly backpacking trip with the Beattys. This was going to be easy compared to last year's ten miler with the kids. The last five miles was all done in the rain. I was so happy to start with the sun on my back!

Chatting away. Don't forget to look at that VIEW!!! Too beautiful.

First stop. Frog Lake. And the snow.

This easy 7 miler became a little more difficult. But all the more adventurous. We could make our own trails all over the snowy mountains. Doesn't it make you want to sing?

Walking in dream land. It doesn't get any more beautiful than this -

or handsome!

Matt, Oey's ox.

Second stop. Winnemucca Lake. Box of raisins.

Walking over melted snow. Sometimes as we were walking over huge snow banks we could hear running water under them.

Snowplowing onward

Whenever we saw a "path" (a spot of dirt without snow) we made sure to take it. Most of us were in sandals. Being there and seeing all this wonder in person is enlightening.

Darin and Bella

Finally made it to the third and last lake - Round Top!!! We hurried and found spots without snow and set up camp. By this time, it was COLD!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish more than anything I would have come more prepared because being cold makes me miserable. I get hives, it's so lame. Fortunately, the kids are warm blooded like their pops and don't seem to mind one bit. I,on the other hand had to stay wrapped up in my sleeping bag.

Oh yes, we decided this trip was the perfect time to potty train. And it was.

Bella and Joey, hoping that sunshine warms them through and through. We had a very snuggly tent, it was hard to leave it and once I did, I really wanted to start back down. I honestly could NOT stand the cold. The cold has ruined some many awesome times for me.

Body heat hugs.

Matt and his sibs wanted to hike to the peak of Round Top. I thought camping at Round Top Lake was the top, the end! I could not stand my coldness, let alone have it in me to push the kids up to the peak. They thought it would take them an hour.

It was more challenging than they imagined. But they made it. Woot!

ME! So happy down at Winnemucca Lake. I warmed up real quick. You know I couldn't stand the cold. I carried Oey across ALL the snow, and not just carried, I ran, slid and ice skated with him. A lot of it was out of my control.

Papa was sweet and came down with me and my sweet peas. Look at that icy lake.

Poor Oey. I refused (couldn't anymore) to carry him once the snow was gone. He got to walk that last long mile with Papa. To our surprise we got back to the cars before the rest of the family met up with us. We all thought they would be so quick with no kids that they would catch up in no time. Must have been my quick snow sliding ways. It also said to me, Thank heaven I was cold. Otherwise I would have had it in me to push those kids up a never ending cliff-side. And who wants to do that? Still it was one amazing trip.

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Life on Pelican Street said...

Beautiful scenery!!!! And the potty training pic is HILARIOUS!!!!