Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Moment

Jarom!!! My rascally rabbit. Needs adventure, fun, and then some more of it. It never ends with this guy. Also so creative and full of ideas.

This is Jarom's pillow. Looks normal enough. But what is this peeking out?

Lets take a closer look to what this kid is sleeping with.

He has got his book. Understandable that it is under his pillow. He is on the top bunk and has no nightstand. I can even justify the pen and notebook. Matt and I love jotting down anything and everything that comes to mind. The sketchbook, now that is Jarom. I'll still give him this one. He loves to draw, mostly mazes. It's like me falling asleep with a magazine. So I guess the only thing that is out of place is the stapler. When he got home from school I asked him about it. He told me he was making a book for Dad xoxo. So of course he needs a stapler. What else would hold those ripped pages out of his notebook together? And of course it needs to be done in bed and then hidden. Otherwise it wouldn't be a surprise.

You are always finding hidden treasures when you have kids around. Sometimes it is quite cute, funny, startling or just plain gross. Like the time I found my favorite homemade blanket behind the couch. Some child had tried to eat a softball sized tomato like an apple and then chucked it behind the couch to stink and stain my favorite homemade blanket. Joys Joys Joys. I will most definitely miss finding hidden treasures when my kids are gone.


Lisa said...

I love posts like this- keep them coming! Jarom, you make me smile.

moonshinejunkyard said...

aw jar. you are a rockstar, kid. i love to see the little things he dreams up, the whippersnapper. gaaahhhh i have to grit my teeth i want to hug him so bad right now.