Friday, September 24, 2010

Star of the week

Miss Bella Spring

My walking talking doll. I had so much fun helping her fill out her star of the week poster. Some of the stuff is:
Favorite color? She said orange!? And me being the mean mom that I am didn't let her put that down. That was the first time I have ever heard her say orange. So I thought I better write that down somewhere. Here seems good enough. She ended up putting blue. And she almost always says blue or pink first and then names off every other color. Blue or pink seemed right at the time. But what if all of a sudden orange really is her favorite? It makes me feel bad that I didn't let her write that. I don't want to make her stay in this mold of my version of her. So orange it is - maybe? I'll have to ask her one more time to confirm.

Other questions were:
Best Friends: Brianne and London
Favorite Food: Mac and Cheese (not my homemade kind but the Annie's)
Favorite Treat: CAKE!
Favorite Book: I Love My Mommy :)
Favorite things to do: Pushing little kids in swings, writing, drawing pictures for people.

Her she is with Annie!!! And her two best friends London and Brianne! Bella asks me about once a day, When am I going to be in acting? She is in the cutest dance class ever right now. But the sad truth is we have to take her out because our lives are a little crazy right now. For all three performances she is going to be out of town, and out of town for fittings and out of town for picture day. Poor girl. I think January could be a really good month to give things another go. The good thing is she is SOOOOOOOOOOO incredibly positive!!! She is always warming my heart with the sweetest and most positive outlook. Nothing is going to stop this girl.

Another picture of London and Bella going to the movies (in their new pink lipstick).

Just yesterday I had a parent teacher conference with Bella's teacher. And of course she only had the best things to say about my boo. She is in first grade but at a third grade reading level (can't take credit for that, thanks Matt for teaching our kids to read early). And the teacher said if there is anyone ever feeling left out or needs help Bella is always the first and lots of times the only one who comes to help (can't take credit for that either). She is friends with everyone. Which can be very difficult on her older brother who has a very hard time making friends. I don't know why I've been so blessed with the sweetest child alive. She is teaching me.


moonshinejunkyard said...

she is an incredible little angel. we are all so lucky to have her in the family. i love your attitude about it all, amy, saying she is teaching you is such a beautiful way to look at things. also, i do think she gets it from you wanting to help others. you are the most service-oriented, kind-hearted, loving human being! what a great role model she has in a mama. and BOTH her parents love to are raising such wonderful kids and my heart just bursts with joy about them!

yeah for bella's beautiful artwork! she is a wildly creative and artistic little soul. can't wait to see you all!!! she has some acting in her very near future.

Kimberly said...

I don't know why you said that you can't take credit for her being friends with everyne. That is exactly like you! I am so proud of Bella for being the star of the week! SHe is a doll and I only wish that we can see her more often! Love you both!