Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Easy Green

Matt and Jarom leaving me and my friend with the kids in the raft while they ride the ducky down the Green River.

And they're off!

One beautiful day to float, chat and watch the clouds.

Matt on the other hand secretly wishes to die.

Close, but no luck. Thank goodness.

Bella gearing up to jump

Oey was feeling left out so we found him a baby jump

Which made him cry because it was COLD!!

Good ole daddy teaching Oey a thing or two about the trees. This one smells something like butterscotch. Must be a ponderosa pine (not as potent as its brother, the jeffrey). mmm...

I love all the green inbetween the red rock.

And to keep with tradition, it rained :)

Here's my tough guy. Taking over swimming with the kids at the hotel so I could run.

We were planning on leaving after just one night but had such a fun time just relaxing and taking it easy we stayed another. A real treat - swimming, showers, free breakfast, treadmills.

We even hit up the drive-in! (in Roosevelt--one of six left in Utah). A first for our family. The kids loved it. I loved that they let us in free so then I felt we should spend every saved dollar on candy. Not one complaint. The kids even fell asleep after the first movie so Matt and I had a nice little date with little ones sprawled all over us.

Look at this town!! Do you see what I see? I could not get over how many flower pots and baskets there were, and not only that, they are all overflowing. Walking down these streets felt a little like paradise. Smelling good and looking great. Honestly, count how many baskets there are. It's crazy amazing. You might need to click on the picture so you can count them going down the street. Vernal, Utah.
Matt loves to take pictures of old signs as we travel. More flowers.

Driving past the drive-in on our way home. A nice day to sit and ponder over all our blessings with my favorite people.

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Life on Pelican Street said...

Awesome photos! All kinds of outdoor fun!