Friday, September 10, 2010

slice of family heaven

Willow!!!! Need I say more.

Oey's heaven.

Little divas and their beautified kitten

on the cat walk


Uncle Carl can bust out mad skills with the 99 cent watercolors and hold Autumn.

Doing loops. We would do countless laps every day. The kids loved the wagon. Us mommies would take turns pulling it and pushing strollers just chatting and walking the day away with the most beautiful views, best company, with children laughing and playing all around.

I think we had ice cream every single day of the three weeks we were in town. That night, they were statues of liberty.

we never tire of watching all the cousins play

Not even 1/8 of the girls. The girls run this place.

Hanging with the best aunts and uncles ever. Here with Heather. Always cheerful.

Uncle Mikie can't be beat. They loved him before he was ever on TV.

Addie. Today is her birthday. And she is traveling like always. She is the big sister they always wanted.

Playing games with grandma...

gets you wet.

This is just the beginning folks. When we had no plans. The blogs that follow are also part of this trip.

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moonshinejunkyard said...

willow and autumn; kittens in white summer gowns; dancing and hugging and ice cream....AHHHH!!! what could be better? this post is pure joy personified. can't wait to see you head swims with love.