Friday, September 10, 2010

Half Fish

Summer swimming

First stop. One beautiful pool with my sisters.

Don't worry, he got his bangs cut soon after this.

City Pool!

You have to go to Lake Tahoe when in town and hit up Pope Beach. It is the best!!! And don't forget you got to be styling.

Jar and Row

We had a ton of fun throwing sweet souls into the water. Sean bringing down Kim.

That is one happy husband. Look at poor Kim in the background. It's too great. Me and my sisters had to gang up and get the last sister in. It was a fight to the death. Her poor daughter was crying on the sidelines.

Nothing makes me happier than sitting in the sun with my sisters.

Pool party at Sean's!!!

Kim has a hair salon in the house and keeps it stocked with the latest gossip.

Seany with the kids

Our favorite little beach on the river.

finding treasures

out playing in the sun

Lifeguard on duty

Night swimming at heather's.

Last but not least. Swimming at Sly Park Lake.

A good day for the kids. They got both their Nana and Grandma up there!!

Mom and I swam far out, but had little ones wanting us back.

Warming up under the sun

This is summer, one long floating dream.


moonshinejunkyard said...

oh how i love summer waters. what a great idea to compile all the various places you guys swam like fish on your visit. sisters by the pool is soooo dreamy; someday i vow to have a nice pool and summery sisterly pool parties every year. next year i have a new favorite swimming place to take you all up by silver lake. let's get both grannies to jump off a rock! how fun would that be?!

Katt said...

Do you guys EVER stop having fun?
Your kids are so lucky to have sun awesome parents. Word!

Kimberly said...

I love these pics because I haven't seen them. Sean bringing me down was something I thought everyone was going to forget, but ah no such luck! Now it is out there for the whole world to see! Love you! Can't wait to be reunited!

Heidi Daniels said...

Cute! Gosh, Eliza is soooo looking like a cute little brunette version of Glo! Cousin fun is a blast, but so is sibling! YAY family!