Sunday, September 26, 2010

Keep up with your Mom, kids!!!

The perfect evening to enjoy the state fair - warm, breezy, ELECTRIFYING!!!!!

We got this party started with deliciousness.

This was my year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Still very happy about this.

It was buddy pass day!! Which is buy-one-get-one-free pass to all rides. We only have three kids so it was up to me to step up and be a buddy. I LOVED every moment. I haven't laughed so hard in years. My stomach was doing somersaults nonstop. It was also very fun to share this with the kids.

That's me - a fun mom!!! Cool for one day.

Matt got to go on one ride with Jarom. They went on the Zipper!!! So crazy that he is big enough. My very happy lad.

My rosebud at the fun house

This is my (our) night in a nutshell - FUN!! Pee your pants FUN!!

Actually looking forward to next year. And too late in the night we saw that we could have bought Matt a pass for half price ( no extra buddy needed). Next year it will be fun for all. I didn't leave until I rode every last ride. I was Jarom's best friend for once xoxo


moonshinejunkyard said...

amy you are the funnest mama in town and that bottom picture is priceless. i hope we can find a rinkydink carnival somewhere out in the middle of nowhere.

mooncowboy said...

rest assured that the kids would LOVE that

whit said...

Miss you guys!!

Harris Family said...

cute pics- I still cant get over all the stuff you guys go and do.

Thanks for the comment- I feel stupid putting my real thoughts out there- it is intimidating- I dont know why I did it I just started writing. Im too sensitive too write opinions!! :)

Wish I could try your fruit leather!